How to clean your kitchen without harsh chemicals

How to clean your kitchen without harsh chemicals

Meal times are an important part of the day, which makes the kitchen the most important room in the home. Food storage, meal-prep, cook-up and clean-up all happens the kitchen – it’s an essential space, which is why keeping it clean and safe is important.

Most people are familiar with cleaning their kitchen with bacteria-killing chemical sprays, but what if you could clean your kitchen, removing dirt and bacteria, without a single harsh chemical that could end up in your food and then your body?

The good news, you can!

ENJO’s kitchen range has everything you need to keep your kitchen clean and safe, without a single harsh chemical.

Over the last 24 years, ENJO has been perfecting their fibre technology so that they can offer products that clean effectively (and safely) with just water.

The question we always get asked… can ENJO really remove bacteria as effectively as chemicals? Watch to see for yourself. 

How does ENJO work?

ENJO Fibres are superfine (100 times finer than a human hair), and each superfine fibre is wedged shape for optimal loosening and lifting of dirt and bacteria. The way ENJO weave their fibres is patented, meaning it’s completely unique, and each product has a slightly different composition of fibres and a slightly different weave to suit the cleaning surface and purpose. For example, bathroom fibres are better suited to cleaning soap and limescale on hard/tiled surfaces, and kitchen fibres are designed to cut through grease and grime.

ENJO’s kitchen products are long-lasting (for up to 3 years), so once you have them everything in your kitchen from your oven and sink to everything in between will be clean, all without chemicals.

Does a clean kitchen for three years without a single chemical appeal to you? Between 1-11 November the ENJO Kitchen Bundle valued at $227, is just $149 when you hold a Demo. Great value and a great way to see ENJO in action and learn more about cleaning chemical-free while supporting an ENJO Business owner. 

Read on for our recommended ENJO kitchen products for each area of your kitchen.

How to clean your oven with ENJO?

Recommended products | Kitchen Glove + Marble Paste + Kitchen Miracle

Step 1 | make sure your oven is cool; ENJO Fibres are designed to work with cool water on a cool surface.

Step 2 | remove your oven racks and leave them to soak in cool water. Using your ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle, spray the inside the oven, using more water on areas that have heavy build-up. Leave for 5 minutes to let the water soften and loosen the dirt.

Step 3 | wet your Kitchen Glove and get to work wiping and lifting dirt and grime. Start on the cleanest areas and work your way to the dirtiest areas. The Grime side of the Kitchen Glove works best to loosen hardened/cooked on food.

Step 4 | for heavy build-up add a little Marble Paste^ to your Kitchen Glove and clean the surface. Leave the Marble Paste to work for a couple of minutes then rinse.

Step 5 | use your super absorbent Kitchen Miracle to dry the inside of your oven.

Step 6 | rinse your Kitchen Glove and wipe down the oven racks, rinse and leave to air dry.

How to clean your stovetop with ENJO

Recommended products | Kitchen Mini + Marble Paste + Kitchen Miracle

Step 1 | again, make sure your stovetop is cool before you clean with ENJO.

Step 2 | use a utensil to scrape off and remove any burnt on foods. For stubborn build-up, use your Trigger Spray Bottle to wet the surface and leave for 5 minutes.

Step 3 | wet your Kitchen Mini under the tap and squeeze out any excess water. Using the ‘grime’ side with its light scouring patches to remove any stubborn, burnt on foods

Step 4 | again, if you’re having trouble removing build-up try a little Marble Paste.

Step 5 | after using your Kitchen Mini to clean, use a super absorbent Kitchen Miracle to dry.

How to clean your benchtop with ENJO


Cleaning your benchtops with ENJO couldn’t be simpler.

Recommended product | Allpurpose Cloth + Kitchen Miracle

Step 1 | wet your Allpurpose Cloth under the tap and squeeze out any excess water.

Step 2 | use your Allpurpose to wipe the benchtop clean.

Step 3 | use your Kitchen Miracle to dry the service.

How to clean your kitchen sink + tapware with ENJO

Recommended products | Kitchen Glove or Mini + Marble Paste + Kitchen Miracle + Calcium Dissolver

Step 1 | remove any dishes and food debris from the sink.

Step 2 | simply wet your Kitchen Mini, under the tap and squeeze out any excess water.

Step 3 | use the ‘grime’ side of the Kitchen Mini to clean the surface of the sink in a circular motion, not forgetting to clean all around the sides.

Step 4 | to remove calcium and watermarks, try a little Calcium Dissolver on tapware, don’t leave on for too long, and make sure you thoroughly rinse off.

Step 5 | use your Kitchen Miracle to dry.

If you’re interested in changing your kitchen cleaning routine, you can learn all about the products and how to use them at an ENJO Demo, and receive the room bundle for free*.


[Editor's note: this post was updated 2 November 2018]

^Not suitable for Perspex or plated silver, always test on an inconspicuous area first.

*terms and conditions apply.

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