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Why your floors aren’t as clean as you think they are

Did you know you could have cleaner floors for free*?

Nothing feels better than clean floors in your home, but keeping your floors looking clean can feel like a constant battle… and the worst part, they might not be as clean as you think.

How clean your floors are depends on two things, how often you clean them and what you’re using to clean them. How often you clean them is down to you, but the tools you use to clean your floors can make a huge difference, here’s how.

What you shouldn’t be using to clean your floors, and why


The days of the mop and disposable floor wipes are behind us for so many reasons, including:

1. It’s slow

You might not think so if it’s the only way you’ve ever known - but it is true – cleaning with a mop and bucket is slow and you could be doing so much with your life. There’s heating the water, filling up the bucket, measuring the detergent, wringing out the mop, changing the water because it’s already filthy and you’re still only in the kitchen. Plus, if you don’t wring the water out well enough, your floors are so wet, you’re waiting for ages for them to dry.

2. It’s less effective

Your floors might feel clean after using a mop or disposable wipes, but they aren’t as clean as you might think. Mop fibres quickly harbour dirt and germs and unless you’re changing the water often, you’re dipping your mop head into the dirty water. Not only does this make the mop less effective at cleaning, mop fibres and disposable floor wipes don’t have the ability to trap dirt and bacteria, which means they tend to just move the dirt around the room.

3. It’s not that safe

Adding chemicals to the bucket mean chemical residue on your floors (something you want to avoid if you have pet or young children), it can also have an impact on your homes indoor air quality. Most people use a mop with hot or warm water and it’s not cleaned properly after use and left to dry, it creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that could be transferred to your floors the next time you clean them.

4. It’s wasteful

Filling up buckets and buckets every week soon adds up to considerable water waste and by adding floor cleaning detergent the wastewater has an impact on the surrounding environment. It also doesn’t take long before you need to replace your mop as the head is too dirty. If you opt for floor wipes, yes they’re convenient, but as they aren’t reusable they contribute to waste in a big way too and simply end up in a landfill.

5. It gets expensive

Replacing mop heads and buying detergent soon adds up, and disposable floor wipes at around $8 for 10 wipes need replacing often. When you own a floor cleaner that lasts 3 years, and you could get said floor cleaner for FREE, you could be making a significant saving.

What you should be using to clean your floors and why it’s better


So the mop and bucket are out and fibre technology is in, because:

1. It’s quicker

It’s true, take away the bucket and take away the detergent and see how quickly you’ll glide across your floors. Using a spray bottle and quality, durable fibres also means your floors will never be super wet, just super clean, which means no waiting around for floors to dry (and no footprints).

2. It’s more effective (and we’ve proven it)

Fibre technology, it not only works, it’s more effective. ENJO Fibres are unique, they are 100-times finer than a human hair, and each fibre has a unique wedge shape that helps loosen and lift dirt. Being super fine and having a wedge helps the fibres reach into every crevice – and the really great thing, the fibres physically trap the dirt, so you know you’re not just moving it around your floors.

3. It’s safe

Cleaning with water and fibre technology is without a doubt the safest way to clean your home, especially if you have pets or small children who spend the majority of their time close to the ground.

4. It’s green

Choosing fibre technology to clean your floors over chemicals is not only safer, it’s greener. No chemicals entering the waterways and no subsequent waste from plastic bottles. ENJO Fibres have the added benefit of being reusable for 3 years, being produced in a 100% carbon neutral headquarters and for being upcycled after their cleaning life into home insulation for a truly zero waste product.

5. It’s cost-effective

ENJO’s Floor Fibre range are super durable and long lasting, simply fill up a small amount of water in your trigger spray bottle to clean – one purchase for 3 years’ worth of clean floors. After each clean, pop the fibre in the wash, dry and repeat.

6. It’s ergonomic

Cleaning your floors with a mop and bucket requires a lot of lifting - picking up your bucket, moving furniture out of the way – it’s a time-consuming exercise. Not only does the ENJO Floorcleaner remove the bucket from your floor cleaning situation, but it’s also ergonomically designed, meaning you can clean under tables and sofas without bending or moving furniture out of the way.

7. It’s FREE*

Do cleaner floors sound appealing to you? Would you like to see fibre technology in action? Simply hold a Demo between 12-31 October and you could get the ENJO Floorcleaner for FREE*, which means you can enjoy cleaner floors for 3 years.

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