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We took part in Clean Up Australia Day, here’s what happened

ENJO Australia took part in Clean Up Australia Day in 15 locations across the country… you won’t believe how much trash we collected


On Sunday 3 March ENJO Australia took part in the nation’s largest community-based environmental event – Clean Up Australia Day. 

Clean Up Australia Day takes place on the first Sunday of March and draws thousands of volunteers every year. 


This year’s clean up was particularly significant as Clean Up Australia celebrated 30 years since their first ever clean up and commemorated Ian Kiernan, the Founder of the initiative who sadly passed away last year.


The idea behind a clean-up day was to ignite enthusiasm and a desire to get involved and make a difference to local environments, and to recognise the difference that can be made when we join forces with our neighbours! 

On the day the enthusiasm was infectious and the ENJO Australia team was proud to be helping make a positive difference to local communities to celebrate 25 years of introducing zero-waste cleaning to Australian families.


It was a great day and our efforts were very much appreciated by many people walking past, we all felt a great sense of community. 


Meika Bird, ENJO Business owner from Tasmania



So, how much trash did we collect?



In 15 locations around the country over 250 ENJO Business owners, head office staff, friends, family and customers joined more than 680,000 volunteers who donned their Clean Up Australia gloves and collected rubbish in their local community. 


In just 2 short hours team ENJO Australia collected 175 bags of trash from local beaches, foreshores and parks, weighing in at approximately 875kg of rubbish.

A positive outcome that gathered momentum thanks to the power of community spirit with many passersby grabbing a bag and joining the clean-up.


“In spite of the rain, we had 9 of us turn up at the site and it was a great success with a ute-load taken to the dump.”


Anne Naylor, ENJO Business owner from Queensland



What were the most common items we collected?



Clean Up Australia’s 2018 report indicated non-food packaging was the number 1 top rubbish item collected from grouped data, with cigarettes butts taking the top spot for the individual item count.

Our teams reported back similar findings for 2019 with cigarette butts a commonly discarded item along with food wrappers, plastic bottles and receipts. 


“A lot of the rubbish we collected was takeaway packaging from McDonalds and paper receipts from ALDI.”


Rachel Battaglene, ENJO Business owner from Queensland



What were the most unusual items we collected?



A credit card, helmet, scooter and even a flat screen TV were among some of the more unusual items picked up by the ENJO team this Clean Up Australia Day. 

Why taking part in Clean Up Australia Day matters



The positive impact initiatives like Clean Up Australia make are huge, over 29 years Clean Up Australia has removed 350,000 ute-loads of discarded rubbish from Aussie beaches, parks and communities, rubbish that would otherwise end up in our oceans and impact our wildlife.  

“It was great, and it was so good to see younger generations getting involved.”


Nicole Cogill, ENJO Business owner from Queensland



The surrounding environment isn’t the only thing to benefit from the clean-up, these events get people talking and thinking about the impact our modern lives have on the planet and ways to make improvements.


We’re so proud to have taken part in Clean Up Australia Day, a cause that demonstrates simple actions and small changes to our lifestyle can create positive change now and for the future. 


“It was an absolutely fantastic day!! It was even more pleasing to see people come and ask us if they could join in.”


Darleen Eitler, ENJO Business owner from Victoria


Thank you for taking part 



Firstly, we would like to say a huge thank you to our ENJO Business owners for getting involved and sharing such a wonderful initiative. 

“It was an incredibly positive day. The sense of community was awesome.”


Sally Steele, ENJO Business owner from New South Wales


We would like to say a special thanks to ENJO Business owners Hayley Zscherpel, Meg Mulvey, Richelle Truscott, Nicole Campbell, Anne Naylor, Sue Inch, Rachel Battaglene, Nicole Cogill, Jenni McLennan, Bri Petros, Karen Wright, Sally Steele, Kim Foote, Deanne Roumeliotis, Ida Gibellini, Darleen Eitler, Amanda Coulthard, Meika Bird and Bernadette Borg who took charge of a location and helped organised and promote their local clean-up site.

Finally, thank you to our customers and inquisitive members of the public who showed up on the day and actively made a difference. 

Thinking of taking part in Clean Up Australia Day next year? 



If you're looking for a way to make a positive difference to your local community Clean Up Australia Day is for you, here are a few reasons why we think you should get involved.


The planet doesn’t care who dropped it, it only cares that it gets picked up.”


Barb de Corti, Founder & CEO ENJO Australia



“You’ll get back more than you give by getting involved as a community. Coming together for the environment is a heart-warming experience.”


Darleen Eitler, ENJO Business owner from Victoria



“It's a very worthwhile project to be involved in and to be
proud of.”


Anne Naylor, ENJO Business owner from Queensland



“Join the fun and bring the young ones down to help raise awareness.”


Richelle Truscott, ENJO Business owner from Western Australia



 "It would be great to do it again next year, we had a great little culture happening with everyone chipping in to get the job done and make a difference."


Bri Petros, ENJO Business owner from New South Wales



"I would hands-down do this again. I would even like to do this once a month!"


Hayley Zscherpel, ENJO Business owner from Western Australia


We hope to see you at next year's clean-up! If you took part in this year’s Clean Up Australia Day, tell us about your experience in the comments. 

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