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The easiest way to clean high windows

Do you have high windows that are hard to clean? We have the ladder-free solution for cleaning high windows easily… and without chemicals



Light streaming through your windows is great, unless your windows are dirty and covered in dust and smudges.

Skylights, floor to ceiling and high windows are great features and sources of light in your home, they also require extra effort to keep them clean.  

We’ve already revealed the best way to clean your windows if you have kids, but what about those windows that are out of reach?

What is the easiest way to clean high windows?

Cleaning skighlights, high or hard-to-reach windows can be a real effort and dangerous if ladders are involved.

The good news, it doesn’t have to be.

ENJO’s Multi Tool removes dirt and marks from your windows without a single harsh chemical (making it safe and quick) to clean your windows, shower screens and pool fences.

It’s great for reaching high windows too.

ENJO’s Multi Tool and Dust Flexi are compatible with ENJO’s Floorcleaner Pole.

By removing the base of the Multi Tool handle you can attach it to the Telescopic Pole to add an extra 1.8 metres of height.

Lightweight and durable, the pole makes cleaning high windows easy.

How to clean high windows with ENJO


Ready to clean those high windows you’ve been putting off?

Follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Attach your fibre to your Multi Tool 


Holding the handle of your Multi Tool, cover the end of the tool with the Window Multi Tool Fibre.

Step 2. Attach your Multi Tool to your Telescopic Pole


To reach those high windows you need the extra height.

To attach the Telescopic Pole gently separate the black 'e' clip at the base of the Multi Tool handle until it's removed. Then take off the yellow end.

Insert the pole into the handle aligning the holes so that the ‘e’-shaped clip can be inserted to hold the pole and Multi Tool together.

Twist the pole anti-clockwise to adjust the height of the pole, then twist clockwise to lock the pole in place at the desired length.

Step 3. Wet your fibre and your window (if you can reach)


To clean your windows, ENJO Fibres require water only.

Spray fibre with your ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle and spray the dirty window. 

Step 4. Clean your windows


Start with the cleanest window (inside usually) and clean the window surface with the fibre.

Add more water to your fibre as required.

Step 5. Blade for a streak-free finish 


Turn the ENJO Multi Tool around and use the Blade attachment to remove water from the window from top-to-bottom.

Dry the blade each time with your Window Miracle.

That’s it, your hard to reach windows are clean with a chemical-free, streak-free finish.

If you need to reach high windows on awkward angles, a twister attachment makes holding your Multi Tool at 45-degree angles easy.

Can ENJO really clean your high, hard-to-reach windows without chemicals?

If you're unsure ENJO can clean your windows without harsh chemicals, check out our before and afters

Still not convinced? Book a complimentary ENJO Demo to see how the products work in your own home.

Thea Russell
30 Jul 2020
Thank you for the article. What an amazing product. In 60 years of cleaning windows, never has it been so easy. Just love it!
Paul Routledge
25 Oct 2019
Some great tips and some good equipment to get some window cleaning done. I particularly like the extender pole for getting high windows. Thanks for the article.
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