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How to take climate action in isolation: Earth Day 2020

Earth Day celebrates its 50th Anniversary, discover how you can be part of climate action from home


Climate Action is the theme of this year’s Earth Day campaign and with good reason.

Even though we’re currently facing a global pandemic, climate change continues to loom as the biggest challenge to the future of humanity.

What is Earth Day? 

Like ENJO, Earth Day began as a response to the environmental crises like oil spills, smog and polluted waterways.

For 50 years the science-backed organisation’s mission has been to build the world's largest environmental movement, to drive transformative change for both people and planet.

When is Earth Day? 

Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April every year. 

Why do we need to take climate action?

Some still debate whether climate change can be prevented, or if human activity is even a factor in rising global temperatures.

The scientific consensus is that human activity is a factor. 

As industry and travel have become restricted we’re seeing sudden, positive changes to the environment.

Why? We're chewing through fewer fossil fuels. 

The sudden drop in carbon emissions is leading to cleaner air in major cities.

Researchers in New York report a near 50% drop in carbon monoxide, and the drop in nitrogen dioxide over Italy can be seen by satellite.

This change is temporary and has come about due to devastating circumstance, highlighting to need for a change in energy infrastructure that supports the economy. 

 “The virus provides a glimpse of just how quickly we could clean our air with renewables.”

Rob Jackson, the chair of Global Carbon Project

As lives and economies around the world change, now's the time to consider long-term action for the planet. 

Can we actually take action towards the climate crisis in isolation?


Taking action can be as easy as changing a small part of lifestyle or donating to a cause that’s helping protect and restore our planet.

Here are 10 easy ways you can take part in Earth Day in isolation

Plant a tree

Planting trees isn't just a climate change solution, researchers have called it the most powerful climate change solution we have. 

Plant a tree or donate to a charity like the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund, who plant native trees on degraded land throughout Australia.

Clean up as you walk

Taking part in organised clean ups is a great way to give back to your local community and protect the planet.

As group events can't take place right now, make it routine to pick up litter in your local neighbourhood. 

Reduce your meat consumption

Scientists have warned that a reduction in meat consumption is required to slow climate change.

Commit to reducing your meat consumption by going meat-free on certain days of the week.

Grow your own

Growing your own vegetables is rewarding.

Relying on your own supply of fresh produce also helps the environment by lowering your carbon footprint, reducing chemical use and run-off and reduces food waste

Get solar

The heating and cooling of our homes requires a lot of energy, making it a huge contributor to carbon emissions.

Solar power is a great renewable energy option that would greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Prevent food waste

Food waste that ends up in landfill produces large amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas more powerful than carbon emissions.

Take measures to prevent food waste at home.

Choose kinder cleaners

Chemical cleaning products generate landfill waste, their continual supply requires energy and run-off can impact local wildlife.

ENJO cleaning supplies are reusable, require no chemicals and the carbon emissions generated to produce them are offset by reforestation

Stop using disposable plastic

Plastic, especially single-use plastic, is a huge problem for the environment.

There are plenty of sustainable swaps you can make or single-use items, so choose reusable where you can and take part in initiatives like plastic-free July

Conserve water

Water is the most important resource on the planet.

Freshwater resources are declining and our demand for water is only increasing, take steps to save water at home

Learn more about Earth Day


Earth Day is about demanding world leaders take science seriously and stop the rising tide of climate change.

Find a digital event near you, explore activities and tell people you know about Earth Day.


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