A beginner’s guide to growing your own greens

Not really for the fleeting fad followers (trend hoppers can click away now), living sustainably and growing your own greens takes time, commitment and a lot of love…but it is all totally worth it. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as generating your very own constant supply of fresh produce, from your first successful cucumber you’ll be hooked and it fast becomes a way of living.

As well as providing for yourself and your family, there are oh-so-many other benefits to being sustainable and growing your own crop. From a health and lifestyle point of view you’re ensuring your intake of goodness; from back door to dinner table you’ll enjoy the freshest of the fresh, healthy food that tastes better too. And even the smallest veggie patch requires time and attention, meaning you’ll be exercising without even knowing it. Need a little encouragement to unplug from technology…tending to your greens is the perfect remedy for downing your electronic tools and switching off…then you can plug back in to Insta’ a pic of your colourful crop!

An improvement to your lifestyle that saves you money on your weekly shop…and we don’t think you’ll miss the limp and lifeless greens growing an ecosystem of their own in the bottom of the veggie draw.

When it comes to the greener-side of thing, we know that growing green is the way to grow! Industrial food production uses so much unnecessary energy and processes that are environmentally damaging, by growing your own you’re actually nourishing the earth and reduce the need for long-distance food distribution…just think, all that travel, and all those damaging carbon emissions for veggies half as fresh…that you still need to purchase, some things just don’t add up, and growing from home with kids, is a great way to instil the green-thumb from an early age.

Ambassadors for sustainable living, reducing waste and removing chemicals from your life – growing your own means eating organically, removing pesticides and herbicides from the air and waterways, creating healthier living for your entire family.

As you can probably tell, we really advocate growing your own vegetables! It may seem daunting and you may feel like you don’t have time, but by starting small, planning what to grow, and only growing what you eat, you’ll reap the benefits of green eating. Growing up were always told to eat our greens…and when you grow your own, trust us there will be no stopping you!

See our top 5 tips for starting your own crop!

1. Make sure you choose ingredients you’re actually going to eat

It’s easy to get carried away and want to plant away to your hearts content – but when it comes to harvest your crop, you don’t want waste! So stick to what you eat the most and don’t go over board.

2. Find out what each fruit or vegetable needs to grow

A single vegetable patch sounds simple, but different crop require different environments, make sure you consider the amount of light/shade and space your fruits and veggies need to prosper.

3. Get your soil right

Different fruits and vegetables require different types of soil to thrive. Do a little research and visit your local nursery for guidance on adjusting your soil content.

4. Start a composter

Reduce your household waste and turn it into something that feeds your crop with a indoor or outdoor compost!

5. Know when to harvest

A certain level of patience is required when growing your own fruit and veg, but harvesting too soon will leave you with undernourished crops. Keep a seasonal calendar on the fridge so you know when will be best to reap the rewards of your efforts.



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