Gifts for the House-proud friend

Sustainable, stylish + functional gift ideas every house-proud loved one can appreciate.


You will all know somebody where everything in their house is not only beautiful and perfectly placed, but also functional. They have a bowl for their keys, a hook for their bag and their cushions meet the perfect balance between comfortable and stylish.

Almost everyone is house-proud to some degree and loves making their homes as comfortable and personal as possible. It is also true that 90% of Australians want their products to be sustainable and ethically produced.

With the season of gifting here, it can be a bit daunting figuring out what to buy someone who is very specific with their home and something they will actually make use of.

If you’re fretting over Secret Santa duties for your house-proud friends or loved ones who have just moved into a new home, give a gift they will appreciate with these gift ideas.

The gift of organisation



Organisation to the house-proud individual is sure to spark joy. For someone who is interested in the theory behind great organisation and tidiness, anything that will support and instruct on how to best organise a space is sure to be an appreciated gift.

From DIY desktop organisers, a good instructional book about tidying up, to a session with a professional home organiser, your lucky loved one will have the gift of a clutter-free 2021.

Personalised gifts


personalised gifts

Without a doubt, personalised gifts have become a huge player in the gift-giving world. Since the purpose of gift giving is about sharing your sentiments with a gift, adding a personal touch to the gift straight away sounds like a perfect match.

Remember to look local too! Long gone are the days where personalised gifts can only be purchased though a large company, with nearly 1 million Australians running a home-based business you are guaranteed to have your pick of options!

A chemical-free clean for the bathroom


a chemical-free clean for the bathroom

Gifting cleaning products for someone who is house-proud is the perfect gift! What’s more, choose a sustainable and ethically produced cleaning system that doubles as an investment for their health and the planet.

ENJO’s Bathroom Bundle is a great gift idea and has their bathroom cleaning needs covered for 3 whole years. In addition, until 20 December 2020 every ENJO Bundle comes with a Bamboo T-Towel as a bonus gift which makes the perfect waste-free gift wrap.

Indoor plants


indoor plants

I think we can all agree that giving a plant as a gift is perfect for any occasion. Indoor plants don’t just look good, the make us feel good too!

Consider a potted plant, something simple like the crowd favourite succulent or a fresh herb plant. A gift that is easy to care for, has health benefits, eliminates air pollutants, brightens up a space and will make anyone smile.

Essential oils


essential oils

Whether it’s for the beautiful aroma or for the therapeutic qualities, essential oils make an amazing gift any time of year, particularly those who take pride keeping in a fresh + well-balanced home.

Cleaner windows



Big and small, indoors or outdoors, give the gift of streak-free, crystal clear windows that look professionally cleaned.

ENJO’s Multi Tool is without question the best way to keep windows clean if your house-proud loved one has kids or pets. 

It’s quick at removing those fingerprints and no chemical residue means it safe and offers a streak-free finish every time! 

Gifting for a cause


gifting for a cause

Maybe your loved one is also a minimalist and doesn’t actually want anything at all. In this case, the gift of charitable giving is one of the best.

Aside from being truly zero waste, it’s a fantastic way to make you, the giftee, and the beneficiary all feel good.  Essentially that is three gifts in one!

You can choose a gift that supports a cause you or your recipient care about, or you could simply adopt an animal or plant a tree as your gift. 

Look around your local area, are there initiatives you can support? 


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