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Zero waste gift ideas for the foodie + entertainer

gift ideas cooking

Firstly, did you know a staggering 2.12 billion tonnes of waste is produced worldwide each year? And that much of this waste comes from the kitchen in the form of packaging and containers, a great deal of which will end up in landfill?

For someone who enjoys food and loves to entertain, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that a zero waste lifestyle should start in the kitchen.

So what do we mean by ‘zero waste gift ideas’? The clue really is in the name. We are talking about gifts that align with the philosophy of zero waste living: to live in a way that sends no trash to landfills or incinerators and minimising the toxic impact with biodegradable, compostable, or reusable products or gifts.

The most important consideration we should all be making when choosing a zero waste gift (or any gift, for that matter) is whether it’ll actually be used.

Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry, we have been making a list and checking it twice to show you which gifts are naughty, and which are nice (for the planet)!

Plants or grow kits

 Plant gifts

House plants, succulents, herbs + veggies, you name it: nothing says zero-waste like plants. 

Whether this foodie is already an avid gardener or not, plants can be appreciated by all. They create oxygen, purify the air and look pretty at the same time.

Plus, they provide great opportunities to upcycle glass and metal containers! 

A clean BBQ without the waste


bbq cleaning


Outdoor entertaining in Australia is a given. The BBQ is practically our national icon.

This way of cooking usually means no pots and pans. Instead, your food makes direct contact with the grill or hotplate and can leave quite a mess meaning it needs quite a clean.

When it comes to keeping your barbecue clean inside and out without a single sheet of paper towel or harsh chemical, we recommend you try patented fibre technology and water: the ENJO Outdoor Glove and Miracle.

Waste-free food storage

 beeswax wrap

Give a gift that is long-lasting, helps reduce waste and saves money. Beeswax wraps are reusable and last up to a whole year. If the average family uses 24 rolls of cling wrap a year, that’s approximately $100 worth of cling wrap over the year.

The average cost of a kitchen four-pack of beeswax wraps is $30.

Compost bin



For a seriously zero waste and sustainable gift, consider the unassuming compost bin or a simple kitchen collector bin (the precursor to actual composting)!

There are tons of different bins out there - from wood countertop compost bins to ceramic countertop bins and refurbished vintage bins – choose something with both style and functionality so your loved one can cook and entertain and feel great!

A sustainable kitchen cleaning solution

 sustainable kitchen cleaning

While the foodie + entertainer will love to cook, they may not necessarily enjoy the hours cleaning up after the fact.

Cleaning with ENJO is super quick and easy: wet, wipe and dry is all they need to do when it comes to cleaning with fibre technology. No reading instructions, no warning labels and no waiting for chemicals to work before rinsing.

Everything they would need to keep their kitchen clean for 3 years is available in the Kitchen Bundle and all they need to do is add water. Zero waste cleaning at it’s finest! 

Gift an experience


cooking class

What can you gift the person who doesn’t want anything? Give them an experience that leaves only memories such as cooking classes and culinary walking tours.

Instead of gifting in an envelope that adds clutter, pop the tickets or certificates into an upcycled jar or tin.


This Christmas season ENJO is exploring how we can have a cleaner Christmas and what we can all do to free ourselves of festive waste.

By learning more about a reusable cleaning routine from 15 October to 20 December, Demo Hosts will be gifted a Complete Fruit & Veg Set.

The gift includes a Jute Bag, Fruit & Veg Cloth and 3x Fruit & Veg Bags.

Three sustainable solutions to shop, prepare and store food with zero waste. Get in touch to learn more about the great benefits you could enjoy by holding your own Demo.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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