Unpacking your ENJOpure points


ENJOpure Customers make the conscious decision to use a sustainable, chemical-free cleaning range. However, ENJOpure is more than just cleaning differently, it's about making a positive impact on the planet. In turn, they’re rewarded with exclusive benefits.

To remain ENJOpure, products need to be refreshed, because just like your car tyres, our fibres need replacing. The unique fibres are extremely fine, wedge-shaped and use a capillary action to lift, draw up and trap dirt. With regular use, overtime ENJO’s cleaning range becomes worn. This will impact the performance of the products. To keep your cleaning routine effective, quick and easy, we suggest refreshing your ENJO products every 3 years.  

Each ENJO fibre product is worth points, so there’s lots of different variations to maintain or upgrade to an ENJOpure Customer. To unpack the points for each room, visit our ENJOpure page. No matter the room, you may want to purchase a fibre you’re yet to try or double up on products you use more than others. How you choose to keep your ENJOpure points is up to you. Read on to see how.


Try out some other main players



Purchasing other core products is a great opportunity to maintain your points, whilst testing out some new fibres. You’ll easily be able to integrate these into your everyday cleaning routine. As with all our products, you’ll notice the difference of using our ENJOtex fibres more throughout the home.

A good place to start is in the kitchen, a high traffic room where lots of mess is made. For example, you may already use the Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth, but you’ll also love the Kitchen Sponge. It’s great for removing food and stubborn dirt from dinnerware, pots and pans. So, whether you’re looking to try out another key product or want to make the switch, the kitchen is the perfect room to hold onto your ENJOpure status. 


Doubling up?


Are you using one of your products across multiple rooms? For example, you may be sharing a Bathroom Glove between your main bathroom and ensuite. Given bathrooms are high activity rooms (especially if you have kids), we suggest having two sets. This is particularly true for those everyday fibres, including the Bathroom Mini and Bathroom Miracle. Your regularly used cleaning fibres will also require one per room, such as the Bathroom Glove. Whilst the deep cleaning products, like the Bathroom Sponge, will last their full 3 years if used correctly (one per room).

Therefore, whilst sharing products may seem like a price saving, each room really do deserve their own set. As using ENJO’s fibres across multiple rooms reduces their longevity. It’s also inconvenient, as you want to be able to use them as required, rather than spending extra time in the wash (which comes with doubling up). The perfect chance to upgrade or refresh your ENJOpure status is purchasing another currently overused item. This may be a good opportunity to have a set for upstairs and one for downstairs, or the front and back of the house. 


Explore the range and expand!


To maintain your ENJOpure status, you don’t need to refresh the same non-core rooms. So it’s a good chance to further explore the ENJO range! Have a look through our best-selling floor range (which has a devoted following), window cleaners, outdoor or Santé skincare range.



Alternatively, your living areas may be a good place to start. For example, the Lint Glove is a must-have for every home (especially if you have pets) and great for keeping clothing lint-free. The Dust Flexi and Polishing Cloth are the perfect pair for keeping surfaces dust and streak-free. They’re all helpful additions to your ENJO collection.

Got a question about your ENJOpure points? Get in contact with us


Product points


Points are allocated depending on the type of ENJO fibre product and will only contribute to an ENJOpure home for the lifecycle of our products (up to 3 years).

We allocate the following points for fibres:

• Floor Fibres - 6 points

• Gloves (excluding Face Cleanser) - 4 points

• 20cm & 32cm Window Fibres, Multi Tool Fibres and 55cm Dust Flexi Fibre - 3 points

• Miracles, Minis, Allpurpose Cloths, Sponges, Polishing Cloth, Fruit & Veg Cloth, Specs & Screen Clean (3), Face Cleanser, Men’s Cleansing Duo (2) - 2 points

• Makeup Remover, Exfoliator, Colour Change Brush Cleaner Fibre and Bathroom Handy Fibre - 1 point

Points are not allocated to hardware or helpers.

See a breakdown of the ENJOpure room points below: 

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