A Wholistic Approach to a Chemical Free Kitchen

Why eating organic/pesticide free isn’t enough if your kitchen surfaces are covered with harmful chemicals.

 As we become increasingly conscious about the ingredients list stamped on the food we consume, more people are actively avoiding artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. This is also true for the pesticides coating our fruit and vegetables, with more shoppers choosing to eat organic. Whilst we’re careful about the food we eat, we also need to consider what cleaning products we’re using where food preparation takes place – the kitchen. Because eating organic and pesticide free isn’t enough if your kitchen surfaces are covered with harmful chemicals.

 It’s no surprise that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. In fact, a recent study demonstrated that kitchen environments host more microbes than the toilet!

The biggest germ culprit would have to be the household kitchen sponge. The moist, porous nature of kitchen sponges not only provides bacteria the perfect environment, but also a vehicle that allows potential pathogens to move from place to place. Many studies suggested that a regular replacement of cheap, store bought kitchen sponges is required, given the bacteria they contain. This creates a huge amount of waste and is expensive! However, given you can’t see bacteria, it’s easy to go on using the same sponge for weeks, when really you’re just spreading germs all over your kitchen benchtops and dishes. The ENJO Kitchen Sponge or Allpurpose Cloth on the other hand only require a machine wash to be good as new! They also need to be replaced every 3 years. Want to learn more ways to keep the germs at bay without chemicals in your kitchen? Keep reading.

 It’s important to do your research


The most important time to clean the kitchen is immediately after food has been prepared, with attention focusing on high-risk areas such as the work surface, chopping boards, taps and other hand contact surfaces. This is usually when most people whip out the chemical cleaning products. Despite this, research has shown in many situations, traditional kitchen cleaning methods used by consumers may be insufficient to hygienically clean surfaces. This includes sprays, single‐use wipes and disinfectants. They have therefore been shown to have no superior benefits to more natural cleaning products. 

Despite this, we suggest doing your research when it comes to “natural” products, because even cleaners claiming to be more eco-friendly can be packed full of toxic chemicals!  ENJO is a great option when it comes to cleaning the kitchen. Our fibres don't just clean, they challenge the cleaning conventional by removing chemicals with the latest technology. We shine a light on sustainable living with our handcrafted, reusable, fibre cleaning products, and encourage households Australia-wide to put healthy living first. Check out our chemical free kitchen range here.

Why to avoid using toxic cleaning products


It’s no secret that kids make a mess in the kitchen (well the whole house really!). We also know that cooking family meals often produces a lot of dishes, sticky benchtops and clean up. However, there’s no need to reach for products containing harsh chemicals. We recommend avoiding cleaners with fragrances, dyes, preservatives, allergens and irritants - because it’s hard to know how safe they really are. They’re also incredibly dangerous to have around if you’ve got little ones. Strict instructions to store chemicals out of reach and out of sight are plastered all over household cleaning products, along with child-resistant locks. However, sadly hundreds of children are still hospitalised each year by accidental poisoning from ingesting them.

ENJO on the other hand only needs water! The power of water and smart ENJOtex fibre technology will also leave your kitchen surfaces 6x cleaner than conventional methods! Seem too good to be true? Check out our recent GLO GERM video here. We put our kitchen products to the test, against a common spray and wipe multi-purpose product and sponge. By following our simple 3 step process - wet, wipe, dry, the ENJO surface was left residue-free and stayed cleaner for longer. After watching you’ll want to switch out your kitchen essentials. Tip: the Kitchen Bundle is a great place to start!

A little extra help


There’s some kitchen messes which require a little extra muscle to remove. We’re talking about dirty ovens, baked on stains, stovetops, hood ranges and pots and pans. But once again, you don’t need harmful chemicals - even for the toughest jobs! For stubborn stains and heavy dirt, ENJO’s environmentally responsible Marble Paste acts as a mild abrasive, helping ENJO fibres to loosen and lift dirt. Biodegradable and containing no artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or preservatives means the paste is safe for cleaning most hard surfaces around the home safely.

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