A sustainable Christmas in the kitchen with Matt Stone

Over the Christmas season we see as much as 30% more excess waste* with much of it coming from the kitchen in the form of packaging and excess produce. Learn how you can minimise waste in the kitchen this Christmas and still create a chef-worthy meal for your loved ones.


Matt Stone

As well as being a world-class chef with a passion for sourcing local, sustainable ingredients and creating exciting new dishes and food experiences, chef Matt Stone is a self-professed ENJO fan. And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Matt Stone with ENJO

Matt is famous for championing local producers and ingredients, with a zero waste, conscious-cooking ethos that’s all about being mindful of what we put in our bodies, as well as in landfill.

Healthy, organic cooking fits with healthy, chemical-free cleaning like your hand in an ENJO glove.

Matt Stone

Matt Stone along with his partner and fellow co-head chef Jo Barrett are focusing on a new sustainability project – Greenhouse Future Food System where they will showcase that living greener doesn’t need to cost the earth and that it is easy to achieve.

Matt Stone and Jo Barrett

To help our Customers cook more consciously and reduce waste this Christmas and beyond, we asked Matt some questions about sustainability in the kitchen. 

What’s your top tip for anyone looking to be more sustainable in the kitchen?


The simplest starting point for a more sustainable kitchen is to buy seasonally. If you’re buying locally grown fruits and vegetables when they’re in season, you will largely reduce the food miles on the ingredients which will also be cheaper and will taste a whole lot better.

ENJO Complete Fruit & Veg Set

Do you have any hacks for minimising waste while you’re cooking?


Buying in bulk where possible and investing in good storage containers. This will help to minimise multiple plastic packets and by storing fresh herbs and vegetables properly will give them a much longer shelf life.

Buy In Bulk

What’s your most treasured cooking tool/appliance from a sustainability standpoint and why?


Having a compost at home is amazing. We do our very best to avoid food waste all together but from time to time there a few bits that we don’t get to or are just simply inedible like onion skins and cooked bones from a broth. Composting them makes sure they don’t end up in land fill and gives us a great free resource to grow food.


Do you have a sustainable Christmas gift idea for someone who loves cooking and entertaining?


A good pan, knife or book is always great. There are so many great things you could buy for a keen cook but I think the most important thing, whatever the gift may be, is how you deliver it. Instead of using wrapping paper and plastic tape, I find a nice tote bag doubles as wrapping and also another useful gift.

ENJO Jute Bag

We will definitely be adding these hot tips to our cooking + gifting this Christmas to help minimise waste.

While you try some of Matt’s sustainable cooking tips this festive season, why not cook like the sustainable food pioneer and GQ Chef of the Year winner with his take on Christmas Ham.

Christmas Ham

Ham It Up!


Source the tastiest free-range ham and make it the hero of your festive banquet with this contemporary Matt Stone twist on the classic table centrepiece. And the best bit is, it’s the gift that keeps on giving tasty meals, long after your guests have gone.




2 - 2.5kg boneless organic leg ham
6 Tbsp apricot jam
2 Tbsp water
2 Tbsp butter
1 tsp ground wattle seed
12 roasted macadamia nuts
6 dried apricots
12 chives
4 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar



Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees

Step 1


Place the apricot jam, wattle seed and water into a small pan and place on a medium heat. Leave to boil stirring often


Step 2


Whilst the glaze is cooking score the ham with a sharp knife into 1cm squares about 3mm deep

Step 3


Once the glaze is boiling add the butter. Take off the heat and stir until melted through

Step 4


Place the ham into a roasting tray. Using about half the glaze, brush all over the ham

Step 5


Place the ham into the oven and cook for 15 minutes

Step 6


Whilst the ham is roasting, finely dice the apricots, slice the chives and chop the macadamia nuts. Mix in a small bowl with vinegar and olive oil

Mix Ingredients

Step 7


After 15 minutes take the ham out and brush with another third of the glaze. Place back in the oven for a further 15 minutes. If it’s starting to caramelise too much, turn the heat down

Step 8


After the second 15 minutes take out and brush with the remaining glaze. Turn down the heat to 160° and leave for a further 15 minutes

Step 9


Remove from the oven and once cool enough to handle, slice thinly. Serve on a large plate and drizzle over the macadamia dressing

Christmas Ham

And enjoy! In just 9 simple steps you have created a family feast with a chef-twist! 

For more ideas on how to reduce waste in the kitchen this Christmas and how to help loved ones do the same, visit this post.


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