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I’ve been using the Kitchen Bundle for 30 days, here’s what I thought

What is it really like to clean your kitchen with ENJO? We asked a few new ENJO users to tell us about their experience


Changing your cleaning habits can be hard, it involves taking a risk on something new and potentially not liking it.

We get it, cleaning without chemicals is different.

We want people to feel comfortable about trying a new cleaning routine so we asked a few new ENJO user to share their experience.

Here's what they had to say.

What products did you use to clean your kitchen before ENJO?

Before cleaning my kitchen with ENJO I used to use mostly kitchen Dettol Spray, Windex and oven cleaner spray with paper towels. I would have an asthma attack every time we sprayed oven cleaner on the cooktop to clean the glass, my white splashback tiles were turning blue from the Windex and we would use Dettol spray to clean all the surfaces - Jeaneeta + Mark, NSW

Before cleaning my kitchen with ENJO I mostly used hot soapy water to clean but didn't wipe/dry as part of the cleaning process – Letitsia, QLD

I used a mix of supermarket products such as Jiff & Ajax. I also made my own cleaning products from The Martha Gardener’s book. Bicarbonate of soda and water etc – Kaz, VIC

Mostly a dishcloth with a dishwashing liquid solution, sometimes other cloths with Jif as required – Liz, QLD

What made you consider chemical-free cleaning?


I decided to try chemical-free cleaning because our amazing consultant Michelle told us the benefits of becoming a low-toxic home, I wanted to lessen the toxic load on our bodies to improve our health – Jeaneeta + Mark, NSW

I wanted to try chemical-free cleaning because I didn’t like the chemical smells and fragrance found in supermarket products. I believed the end result (a clean kitchen) could be achieved using natural/alternative products – Kaz, VIC

I was invited to a virtual Demo, I knew very little about the product – Letitsia, QLD

I decided to try chemical-free cleaning because I wanted it to be cleaner at home – Liz, QLD

Did you have any concerns about cleaning with ENJO?


My only concern was bacteria, would bacteria be removed not using chemical cleaners. I have watched the videos comparing ENJO to antibacterial wipes and I have to say, I am very surprised and impressed - Jeaneeta + Mark, NSW

The only concern I had about cleaning my kitchen with ENJO was having enough cloths in rotation – Letitsia, QLD

My concern was the oven, as I never clean the oven and I was worried it wouldn’t work – Kaz, VIC

Yes, just the process of managing the cloths. I was concerned I would run out of cloths and would accidentally mix up the different products – Liz, QLD

How did you find the switch? Was it hard to break your cleaning habits?


I've found cleaning with ENJO so easy! Not to have to carry around a cleaner and paper towel, surfaces are wiped over and we're done! The ‘clean’ smell which we now know is toxic - Jeaneeta + Mark, NSW

I’ve found the switch to cleaning with ENJO easy. Remembering to wipe dry at the end was the main change for me, also showing my family the steps – Letitsia, QLD

I have found cleaning with ENJO great. I was already halfway there using homemade alternative products – Kaz, VIC

I found it hard to get everyone in the family to change, they still want to dip the cloths in the soapy hot water at this stage – Liz, QLD

What’s the main difference you’ve noticed since making the switch?


The biggest difference I noticed was not having to deal with the toxic smells and that it’s quick - Jeaneeta + Mark, NSW

The biggest difference I found is no greasy sticky film that occurred even with limited chemicals. Now I have a shiny sink and shiny oven – Letitsia, QLD

I noticed how much more space was in my laundry cupboard – Kaz, VIC

Cleaner benches. The biggest difference I noticed was how easily ENJO fibres cleaned the oily stove – Liz, QLD

Did you find anything surprising about cleaning with just water?

I was surprised that it just works - Jeaneeta + Mark, NSW

Yes, that I loved it. I was surprised by the ease in which I could clean my kitchen – Letitsia, QLD

I was surprised by how well you can clean your kitchen with just water – Kaz, VIC

I was most surprised by how quick the cleaning process is and how useful the whole range is throughout the house. It just requires organisation – Liz, QLD

How would you describe the effectiveness of cleaning with ENJO?

We have had great results with some things we couldn’t get clean with chemicals, definitely feels just as clean just with no harsh chemicals - Jeaneeta + Mark, NSW

Cleaning with ENJO removes the layers step-by-step. It just feels clean, not sticky – Letitsia, QLD

I’ve found cleaning with ENJO to be easy, efficient and satisfying – Kaz, VIC

The difference is amazing, so much quicker and cleaner – Liz, QLD

What’s your favourite thing about cleaning chemical-free?


My favourite thing about cleaning with ENJO is I know I am reducing that toxic load on our bodies, we have more than enough toxins to deal with outside the home. This is where we spend so much time so we need to keep it a safe space - Jeaneeta + Mark, NSW

I love that I won’t have to buy anything for 3 years. Knowing I am helping to create a cleaner planet – Letitsia, QLD

My favourite thing about cleaning with ENJO is that it’s simple and easy – Kaz, VIC

I’d say my favourite thing is the ultra-clean outcome. I love that I don’t have to have hot soapy water on hand every time. It’s quick and efficient with just cold water – Liz, QLD

What do you miss (if anything) about cleaning with chemicals?

Nope, nothing I can think of - Jeaneeta + Mark, NSW

Nothing – Letitsia, QLD

Nothing – Kaz, VIC

Nothing – Liz, QLD

What is your favourite product in the Kitchen Bundle?

The Allpurpose, it cleans everything - Jeaneeta + Mark, NSW

The Allpurpose cloth of course – Letitsia, QLD

My favourite product in the Kitchen Bundle is the Allpurpose kitchen cloth as it picks up all the crumbs on the bench. The Kitchen Miracle is also great, and the sponge – Kaz, VIC

The Glove and Miracle are my favourite duo, I use all the time – Liz, QLD


Have you made the switch to chemical-free cleaning in the kitchen?


Share your experience in the comments! 

Gillian Cordell
15 Sep 2020
I love how you can use the same accessories around the kitchen with the 3 way process, rinse and reuse, then pop it in a bag and wash with no fuss.
I am free of chemicals, have more space on the cupboard shelves and have even won my husband ove by getting him to use the products!
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