How to reduce waste this Christmas

Keep your home in check and help protect the planet with our top tips to reduce waste this Christmas 

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We all love the holidays and the traditions that make this time of year so special.

And while some Australians may be celebrating Christmas a little differently this year, the holidays generate as much as 30% more excess waste during the festive season, and this year will be no exception. 

It’s important to do our bit and think about ways we can free ourselves from festive waste and make a positive difference.

Why is Christmas waste an issue?

Waste in general is an issue in Australia. We don't have unlimited resources or unlimited space to store the waste we generate.

When we add $11 billion worth of Christmas gifts, the 150,000km of wrapping paper and the extra $554 million spent on food over such a short space of time, it creates a real impact on the planet.

The good news? We don’t have to.

If every household this holiday season is a little more mindful and less wasteful we will see a real reduction in Christmas waste. 

From food, gifts and all the trimmings, follow our waste-reducing solutions for a cleaner Christmas.

10 ways to reduce your festive waste this holiday season


1. Plan your Christmas feast properly

Festive feast


Before you even think about hitting the shops confirm who is coming to dinner on the big day and what you will be cooking.

Both influence each other, so plan your menu and the ingredient quantities you will need to ensure you have enough, but not so much that you’re swimming in waste.

Choose dishes that incorporate seasonal produce so that it tastes delicious and the ingredients are available locally.

2. Shop smart

Shopping smart means checking your pantry and fridge, buying only what you need and making sure you shop with a list in hand. 

Without a list, it is too easy to forget items, buy in excess and get off-track when you enter the shop. 

Shopping smart to avoid waste also means thinking about where you shop.

Choosing fresh, local produce from smaller suppliers comes with lots of benefits. Local food has a smaller carbon footprint as it hasn’t been travelling long-distances, it hasn't been refrigerated and is less likely to be wrapped in plastic. 

3. Remember your reusable bags


Remember your reusable shopping bags and fruit & veg bags when you hit the shops.

Most reusable bags are made to last, making them more effective to carry your shopping.

Simply leave them in your car you will never be without them. Check out ENJO’s Complete Fruit & Veg Set for everything you need to shop waste-free this Christmas.

4. Store your fresh produce effectively

store produce


Australians throw out 3.3 million tonnes of food every year.

A lot of food becomes waste because it's not properly planned for or stored correctly.

Make sure your fridge is clean and organised before you do your festive shopping. Keep herbs and vegetables fresh by storing them in the vegetable drawer in your reusable Fruit & Veg Bags.

A top tip for keeping herbs fresh for longer is to wrap them in a damp T-Towel in the vegetable drawer.

5. Clean-up with zero waste

Clean-up with zero waste

Keeping your home clean and clear of clutter over the Christmas season is the dream, but you don’t want to be generating waste by throwing out sponges, cloths and paper towel.

Choose zero waste cleaning supplies and keep your home clean (with zero waste) for three Christmas seasons in a row. 

6. Choose useful gifts

When you know what someone wants or needs gift-giving is a piece of cake, but when you’re not sure, gifts can be wasteful.

A survey showed that Australian receive approximately 20 million unwanted gifts.

If you’re unsure what to buy someone, think useful, choose sustainable or buy a voucher or experience instead. 

7. Get creative with wrapping


Christmas Wrapping

Most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable and during the festive season, Australians will use enough wrapping paper to wrap around the Earth's equator 4 times

Get creative with your wrapping, reuse old magazines, fabric off-cuts or T-Towels.

Our super-absorbent Bamboo T-Towels are great as a reusable wrap. Together with a biodegradable twine as a reusable ribbon and a plantable gift tag you will be wrapping with purpose this Christmas!

Receive a free Bamboo T-Towel with any Bundle purchase until the 20 December 2020.

8. Set up your waste stations

From packaging waste, food waste, gift wrapping and empty drink bottles, waste quickly builds up in your home.

Have your recycling, upcycling, composting and general waste system organised and ready to go.

Try and avoid waste where you can, clean and reuse glass jars for storage in your pantry.

9. Look after your Christmas decorations

decorations sustainable

It can be very tempting to trade in your old decorations for something new and shiny but looking after your decorations and keeping them year-on-year helps build memories.

If you are looking to throw out decorations that are in good condition, ask around at schools, retirement homes or local community centres who might appreciate the donation.

10. Be ready for leftovers

Everyone loves Boxing Day leftovers, so have your reusable containers or beeswax wraps ready to pack-up leftovers for friends and family or to store in your fridge.

If you have an abundance of leftover vegetables, pickling is a great (and tasty) way to avoid them landing in the waste bin. 

Interested in learning more about how to have a cleaner Christmas? Until 20 December 2020 hosting a Demo means free sustainable gifts  such that include our Complete Fruit & Veg Set.

Get in touch to learn more.


 Editor's note: this post was updated 6 November 2020
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