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6 bonus benefits to cleaning your windows with ENJO (on top of the streak-free finish)

Cleaning your windows without chemicals not only has amazing results, but it also comes with extra benefits other window cleaners can’t offer 


Cleaning the windows of your home is a big job if you don't have the right tools.

However, with the right tools, cleaning your windows can be quick, have a streak-free finish (without a single harsh chemical) and use minimal water.


The products you use to keep your windows clean and clear make all the difference.

How cleaning your windows with ENJO works



Have you given much thought to the way you clean your windows and how this could impact the result, the environment and the health of your home?

Cleaning with ENJO means replacing chemicals with fibre technology (and yes - it works!).

A single ENJO fibre is made up of 96 filaments designed to capture dirt and draw it up into the weave by capillary action.

Being so fine and abundant the fibres magnify ENJO’s cleaning power creating a huge surface area for optimal loosening, lifting and trapping of dirt in the fibres one-of-a-kind weave.

This innovative design means ENJO has to power to clean surfaces more effectively than chemicals with a small amount of water.

Not convinced you need to make the switch to cleaning your windows without chemicals?    

Keep reading. 

6 benefits to keeping your windows clean without chemicals


1. Cleaning your windows without chemicals is safer

Cleaning with chemicals has become so normal that we don’t give much thought to the effects they can have.

Window cleaning solutions tend to spray fine droplets into the air, and leave a residue on the glass.

Cleaning your windows without chemicals means no chemical residue and no impact on your home’s indoor air quality.

This makes ENJO the best way to clean your windows – especially if you have kids.

2. Cleaning your windows without chemicals is quicker

Cleaning your windows with chemicals means buffing away until you have a streak-free finish.

Accidently use too much product, and you can be there for a while (or be left with unsightly streaks).

Cleaning your windows without chemicals is as simple as wet, wipe and blade dry.

Use too much water, simply blade away for a crystal clear finish – it couldn’t be quicker.

3. Cleaning your windows without chemicals is healthier

Most conventional window cleaning products promote a non-drip, superfine mist of chemical ingredients that work to prevent streaks and dissolve and suspend the dirt on your windows.

Most window-cleaning products also advise to avoid breathing in the fine mist – this is easier said than done.

Research into chemical cleaning products shows a link between chemical sprays, asthma symptoms and respiratory health.

Cleaning your windows without chemicals means no impact on your health or the quality of the air in your home.

4. Cleaning your windows without chemicals saves money

Cleaning your windows with chemicals means cleaning your windows with disposable cleaning products that need replacing.

It’s hard to predict how much you’ll spend over time, but cleaning your windows without chemicals means cleaning with reusable cleaning products that are designed to last a long time.

One purchase and you can enjoy clean windows for years to come and save money.

5. Cleaning your windows without chemicals reduces waste


Plastic waste is a big issue in Australia and around the world.

Whether you clean your windows with a chemical spray or disposable window-cleaning wipes, you’re creating waste.

Cleaning without chemicals means cleaning with reusable fibre technology that lasts years and is upcycled at the end of its cleaning life.

ENJO take steps to minimise their waste and impact on the planet at every step.

6. Cleaning your windows without chemicals is versatile


If you choose to clean your windows without chemicals, not only do you have all of your inside, outside, super high and hard-to-reach windows covered – your chemical-free window-cleaning kit has your shower screen, pool fence, mirrors and solar panels covered too. 

The biggest benefit of cleaning your windows with ENJO?

The results!

If you're unsure cleaning your windows without chemicals will get results, remember, every ENJO product has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can even try before you buy by holding an ENJO Demo

Already clean your windows with ENJO?

Tell us what you think about chemical-free window cleaning in the comments.


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