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5 easy ways to prepare your outdoor area for spring

Get your outdoor areas ready for a spring clean with the best outdoor cleaning tools and outdoor cleaning checklist 


Spring means warmer weather and naturally enjoying our outdoor spaces at home.

Outdoor areas become neglected spaces during the winter months. It doesn't take long for unused spaces to quickly build-up a layer of dirt and grime.

To truly make the most of the sunshine and enjoy spending time outdoors with your loved ones you need to clean-up and lift that layer of grime.

The top tools and this 5-step checklist is all you need to get your outdoor spaces clean and ready to use.

1. Sweep up


Over the winter months your outdoor spaces and gutters have likely filled with leaves and debris that’s been blown around in the cooler weather.

Simply sweeping-up or blowing old leaves into a pile makes the world of difference for patios and lawns.

Don’t bin your green waste, composting leaves is a great way to recycle and create nutrient-rich soil.

2. Clean your outdoor furniture

Cobwebs, dust and dirt will have built-up on your furniture and patios over winter, making your outdoor spaces far from welcoming.

Start by pulling down cobwebs and dusting outdoor fans and light fittings first.

The ENJO Dust Flexi is perfect for cleaning the tops of window frame and light fitting where cobwebs and dust gathers.

For extra height, attach to the Telescopic Pole – perfect for cleaning pitched outdoor roofs.

Once the dust has settled, move on to your furniture.

The Outdoor Glove and Miracle are a great duo for cleaning outdoor chairs and table.

Just add water to lift away dirt and then use the Outdoor Miracle to dry-off.

For particularly stubborn stains, add more water. 

If you have flyscreens or security screens, the Outdoor Glove is great for cleaning dust build-up too.

Now is the perfect time to assess your outdoor soft furnishings (especially if they have been left out during winter).

The Fabric Glove can spot clean stains and marks to give your outdoor upholstery a refresh.

3. Wash your windows

Let the spring light stream in without any unsightly marks and smudges.

Cleaning your windows always seems like a big task, but with the right tools it couldn't be quicker.

The ENJO Multi Tool makes cleaning your windows super easy, is perfect if you have kids or hard to reach windows.

Add water to the attachable fibre or directly spray your window (or both if your windows are really dirty).

The unique fibres loosen and lift dirt, drawing the dirt into the fibre by capillary action.

Simply turn the Multi Tool around to blade away the dirty water. Dry off of the blade and any excess water from the glass with the Window Miracle.

Without a single chemical you’ll have streak-free, crystal clear windows that look professionally cleaned.

4. Clean your patio


Over winter dirt will have formed a layer on any paved or decked outdoor areas, and the surface is likely a little weather-beaten from the rain and cool temperatures.

If the area is exposed to the elements you may also find moss growing.

Avoid messy high-pressure hosing and invest in an Outdoor Floor Fibre to clean your deck or patio.

Made from extremely durable fibres, this floor fibre is designed to tackle dirt built-up on uneven outdoor surfaces with just water.

Perfect for removing algae from tiled swimming pools and moss from brick facades, the rough fibres offer a deep-cleaning action on extremely dirty outdoor surfaces such as limestone, brick paving, non-oiled wood deck, pebbletex and concrete.

We recommend thoroughly wetting your Outdoor Floor Fibre and outdoor surfaces before you start cleaning, and cleaning without exerting too much pressure in a forward and back motion.

5. Clean your barbecue

Now that warmer weather will be settling in, you want to be ready to barbecue at a moment's notice.

Wipe down the outside of your barbecue with the Outdoor Glove and Miracle to quickly remove any dirt or dust.

Hopefully, the inside of your barbecue was cleaned before it was put away, but another quick clean can never hurt.

ENJO's range of kitchen fibres are designed to lift and trap grease, leaving oily surfaces clean and dry.

Check-out our step-by-step guide to cleaning your barbecue without chemicals.

Do you have tips for preparing your outdoor spaces for spring?


We would love to hear your outdoor cleaning and spring-prep tips in the comments. 

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