3 simple ways to tell if your ENJO fibres need replacing

A Hygiene Scientist compared the cleaning performance of brand new ENJO Fibres to those washed over 200 times, here’s what he found and how you can tell if your fibres need replacing

ENJO cleaning products stand out from the competition for several reasons.

Carbon-neutral production, cleaning your home without chemicals and ENJO’s zero waste upcycling program.

The longevity of ENJO products is another bonus when it comes to ENJO’s green-cleaning status.

The quality of ENJO cleaning products allows them to last far longer than any other cleaning brand available.

Their reusable nature helps you reduce household waste, your carbon footprint and saves you money in the long run.

The question is, how long can ENJO cleaning products effectively clean your home?

How long do ENJO cleaning products last?

 Bathroom Cleaning

ENJO products replace harsh chemicals with fibre technology.

The unique fibres are extremely fine, wedge-shaped and use a capillary action to lift, draw up and trap dirt.

This patented fibre technology allows ENJO products to clean more effectively than chemicals.

With regular use, overtime ENJO fibres will become worn. This will impact the performance of the product.

Like your car tyres, how long your tyres last will depend on how often you drive your car, the type of driving you’re doing and the terrain you’re driving on.

When should you replace your ENJO products?

ENJO is a global cleaning brand that’s been cleaning without chemicals for 30 years.

During this time the performance of the ENJO fibres has been put to the test.

Hans Hirschmann, a hospital hygienist and health scientist compared the cleaning performance of five ENJO cleaning fibres that have been used for varying lengths of time.

The test

cleaning performance

The cleaning performance of five ENJO Bathroom Glove, used and washed between 5 and 266 times was compared using ATP bioluminescence testing.

ATP monitoring is a rapid testing method used by food and beverage processors to quickly assess the cleanliness of surfaces.

The presence of ATP on a surface indicates improper cleaning and the presence of contamination such as food residue, bacteria and/or allergens. This implies a potential for the surface to harbour and support bacterial growth.

This test is looking to determine if there is a point of use when the ENJO fibre is no longer effective at cleaning a surface.

ENJO products tested

Five of the same ENJO cleaning product, the Bathroom Glove, used for varying lengths of time were used for this test. 

  1. Bathroom Glove – washed 5 times (new)
  2. Bathroom Glove – washed 66 times (1 year)
  3. Bathroom Glove – washed 133 times (2 years)
  4. Bathroom Glove – washed 200 times (3 years)
  5. Bathroom Glove – washed 266 times (4 years)


The method


Each fibres cleaning ability was tested on the same tiled cleaning surface and the same surface area. 

Step 1

A swab of a measured sample area is taken before cleaning. 

Step 2

The swab is inserted into a lumitester machine that detects ATP. The reading from the lumitester is recorded.

Step 3

The surface is cleaned with the ENJO fibre and water.

Step 4

A second swab of the same sample area is taken after cleaning.

Step 5

The lumitester result is recorded.

Step 6

Steps 1 – 5 are repeated for each of the five different ENJO fibres.

The results 

The ATP bioluminescence results indicate that the cleaning performance of the ENJO fibres only decreased by 14% between 5 and 200 washes. 

The results show that cleaning performance dropped 38% after 200 washes to just 44%.



ENJO cleaning products performance drops significantly after 200 washes. 

If you use your ENJO cleaning products regularly and wash your fibres 1-2 times a week, your ENJO cleaning products will clean your home effectively for 3 years.

New ENJO Fibres versus old ENJO Fibres


After approximately 200 washes, the unique wedge-shape fibres have started to dull, meaning their ability to reach into pores and lift dirt is less effective.

Do you have ENJO fibres that might need replacing? Here’s are 4 simple ways you tell if your ENJO fibres need replacing.

3 simple ways to tell if your ENJO fibres need replacing


1. Visual inspection

If you’ve had your fibres for around 3 years, check for general wear.

If there are areas where the fibres are thinning, they need replacing.

Many ENJO products at 3 years might not look that different, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean their cleaning performance is as effective.

2. Comparative cleaning

When you’ve been cleaning your home with ENJO for some time, you’re probably not going to notice how the cleaning performance slowly decreases.

If you’re unsure if your ENJO products need replacing the best way to tell is to compare your old products with new ones.

ENJO HQ can arrange for a local ENJO Consultant to come to test new products in your home. A direct comparison of your products with new fibres will help you decide if your fibres are still working effectively or need replacing. 

3. Check your date of purchase

If you happen to still have proof of your purchase – great! If this dates back longer than three years and you use your products regularly, it’s time to refresh your ENJO Fibres.

If you have no idea when you purchased your ENJO Fibres we would recommend contacting your ENJO Consultant who will have a record of your purchase.

If you’re not in contact with your ENJO Consultant or you purchased your fibres online, simply contact our Customer Care Team who will be able to help track down the age of your ENJO product.

Do you have old ENJO products that need replacing?

If you have ENJO products that need replacing get in touch!

ENJO HQ can arrange the collection of your old products for upcycling into car seats or home insulation.

Do you have new ENJO products that you've never used?



ENJO don’t want old products to end up in a landfill or new products to sit unused.

If you’ve purchased ENJO products in the past but don’t use them to clean your home – let us know.

These unused products have 3 years’ worth of cleaning potential and we’d love to help you put them to work in your home. 


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