13 reasons why ENJO is the greenest way to clean

From how your cleaning products are made to where they end up, how green is your cleaning routine?


The little things

Whether you’re actively working towards reducing your food waste, saying no to single-use plastics, lowering your household carbon emissions or helping conserve your water use – the decisions we make daily impact the world around us. 

Choosing products, services and solutions that consider their impact on the environment is important.

As a reusable fibre cleaning company we’re frequently asked – is ENJO really a green way to clean?

Is ENJO really a green way to clean?

It’s almost impossible to create a product and not create an impact on the planet, but we’re working on it.

From how our products are made to where they end up, we consider the environment every step of the way, here’s how.

1. Carbon neutral production

Reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is critical.

ENJO Australia has been working to reduce carbon emissions with Carbon Positive Australia and are pleased to say ENJO’s international headquarters is 100% carbon neutral.

In 2015 ENJO International signed the Carbon Neutral Alliance, emissions generated by the production of ENJO products are offset by reforestation projects in Nicaragua.

2. Green electricity

ENJO is a big brand with a small footprint, and even though ENJO offsets their emissions, measures are in place to reduce emissions in the first place.

Green electricity is used to power the production of our products and our head office and warehouse in Western Australia is powered by solar too.

3. Locally-sourced materials

ENJO’s unique fibre was innovated in Vorarlberg, Austria, a region often referred to as the Silicon Valley of textiles.

With over 200 companies in the area belonging to the textile industry, materials used to make ENJO products are locally sourced from the region, helping lower our impact on the environment.

4. Carefully considered transport

ENJO products are made at our carbon-neutral facility in Austria, but ENJO is available in 26 different countries.

ENJO choose environmentally-responsible transport options such as boat and train for as much as 70% of their shipping needs.

5. A sustainable clean 

ENJO cleaning products are extremely durable, carefully handmade and undergo individual quality checks.

This level of quality means households can keep the same cleaning products for three whole years, reducing household waste.

6. Reduce energy expenditure


Being so long-lasting means households buy fewer cleaning products over time.

This eliminates waste, but also the energy and emissions associated with the production, purchasing, shipping and packaging of new products.

 7. Protect local waterways

Cleaning with ENJO means cleaning with fibre technology and water only

This means cleaning is safer for your home and family while being kinder to the environment.

Research shows us that chemicals have an impact on our environment. Between 80,000 and 140,000 chemical contaminants from cleaning products can be found in our wastewater and most cleaning agents are non-biodegradable.

If chemicals can’t be treated they end up in rivers and lakes impacting ecosystems and entering food chains.

 8. Reduce plastic waste


Australians create 660 thousand tonnes of plastic waste every year.

ENJO fibres are made from a mix of 5 raw materials polyester, acrylic, polyamide, viscose and cotton, meaning they do contain plastic, creating approximately 16g of plastic waste per year.

This is a small amount compared to alternative cleaning solutions, however, we're always looking for ways to improve.

We recommend investigating ways to catch microplastics (like Cora Balls or GuppyFriend washing bags) from every load of washing you do.

9. Oeko-Tex certification

ENJO Fibres are made from quality raw materials that have the Oeko-Tex stamp of approval.

Oeko-Tex is a worldwide independent testing and certification system for raw textiles, they put the raw textiles through their paces to ensure they are free from harmful and toxic substances.

Extensive product checks and regular company on-site visits also ensure that the industry has a globally sustainable awareness of the responsible use of chemicals.

10. ISO certification

ENJO has ISO 14001 certification.

This is an environmental management system certification that maps out a framework for organisations to follow.

The framework helps identify, prevent and reduce a company’s environmental impact. Promoting sustainable business operations and improved waste and energy management for future generations.

11. 1 ENJO Bundle plants 1 native tree

To help minimise ENJO’s impact on the environment further, we've been planting trees with Carbon Positive Australia

We've been supporting this great initiative over the past 18 months, by donating part of the proceeds to our planting projects, raising enough to support the planting of 9000 trees. 

Thank you to all our customers who have helped promote cleaner homes and cleaner air.

12. Conserve water

Water is a precious resource and reducing our water waste at home is important.

Around 80% of the water we use at home is wasted, and by switching to ENJO you’ll be reducing household water waste.

Simply fill your 500ml Trigger Spray Bottle and spray water to clean as you go. No buckets and no rinsing chemical residue.

13. No landfill waste

ENJO strive for zero waste process with their cleaning products.

Cut-offs during production are recycled or upcycled and old fibres can be returned to ENJO HQ where they are upcycled into home insulation or car seats.

Do you have old ENJO fibres? Don't throw them out. Simply contact our Customer Care Team who will organise their collection.

Want to make the switch to a greener cleaning routine?

Hold an ENJO Demo to see ENJO in action in your own home to receive great host benefits.  


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