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3 chemical-free products for one sparkly clean oven

Want to keep your oven clean but want to do it without harsh chemicals? Read on for the products you need and how to make your oven sparkle without a single chemical (even if you haven’t cleaned your oven in a while)


Ovens are a kitchen essential, they are also notorious for being tough to clean. Grease and food get baked-on in the hot temperatures making a simple cleaning task much harder… until now.

We’re not saying cleaning your oven is ever going to be a job you’ll love…but we are saying you can clean your oven relatively quickly, with just three products that don’t contain harsh chemicals.

Why clean your oven without chemicals?

Removing unknown and harsh chemicals from your home is always a good idea, especially in an enclosed space like your oven where you cook foods that you eat.

What ENJO products do I need to clean my oven with zero harsh chemicals?

Ovens are an investment for your home, so you want to make sure you look after them.

Cleaning without harsh products that can tarnish or eat away at fixtures and coatings is important, as is cleaning your oven regularly.

Cleaning your oven with ENJO means avoiding harsh chemicals altogether and taking a chemical-free, fibre-full approach to a sparkly clean oven.

Three tools, nothing more, nothing less, is all you need to achieve one clean oven.

The ENJO Kitchen Glove, Kitchen Miracle and Kitchen Sponge.

All three fibres available in the ENJO Kitchen Bundle to help make switching to a reusable cleaning routine and cleaning your entire kitchen without harsh chemicals a simple swap.

For a limited time as part ENJO’s The Little Things campaign, choosing the ENJO Kitchen Bundle will also plant a tree to offset carbon emissions, a small change locally that creates big change globally. 

How to clean your oven with ENJO

Step 1

Make sure your oven is cool. ENJO fibres are specially woven so suit the cleaning purpose and surface, the unique weave can be damaged by hot temperature plus, ENJO works best for cleaning grease with cool water.

Step 2

If you’ve committed to cleaning your oven you might as well do it properly, this means removing the oven racks. If they are particularly dirty and have baked-on foods, place them in water with a little natural washing-up liquid to soak. 

Step 3

Now your oven is empty, use your ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle and spray the inside with cold water. As the inside of the oven is where all the action takes place it tends to be the dirtiest area, which means you want to be generous with the water. Once you’ve sprayed the surface with water, leave for 5 minutes to let the water loosen the dirt.

Step 4

An important rule when cleaning with reusable cleaning products is to start with the cleanest surface first. So, while you’re waiting for dirt inside your oven to soften, tackle the outside of the oven and the handles. Wet your Kitchen Glove with the Trigger Spray Bottle and using the ‘grease side’ (logo side) wipe the outside of your oven door clean. If you come across any stubborn patches, switch sides and use the stripy size to loosen the build-up. 

Step 5

Once you’ve cleaned the outside of your oven (including any handles and knobs), use the superabsorbent ENJO Kitchen Miracle to dry-off the surface. Fold the Miracle in four, using one side at a time to help maximise absorbency. Drying-off with the Miracle fibre will leave the area clean and dry – helping prevent rust, but also leaving any chrome, polished metal or glass surfaces with a great shine.

Step 6

Now back to the inside. Give your ENJO Glove a spray and get to work starting with the cleanest areas first and moving on to the dirtier areas. ENJO’s Kitchen Sponge is double-sided and the rough side is perfect for getting into corners and loosening burnt on food. Use the grease side of the glove to pick up large and loose debris.

Step 7

Using a dry quarter of your ENJO Miracle, wipe the inside of your oven dry.

Step 8

Use your ENJO Kitchen Sponge to give your oven racks a scrub and rinse away any residue of the natural dish-washing liquid. Dry off with the ENJO Miracle and return to your oven.

Ta-dah! You’re done.

Haven’t cleaned your oven in a while and it needs serious attention? Follow our top tips and read on for our secret oven-cleaning weapon.

How to clean an oven (that hasn’t been cleaned in a while) without harsh chemicals


Life happens and before you know it your oven is an embarrassment that you can put out of mind until it comes to opening the oven door again.

Fortunately, deep cleaning your oven doesn’t have to mean resorting to harsh chemicals.

Tip 1

If your oven is full of baked-on food, before you do any vigorous scrubbing, you want to try and loosen the grime as best you can. A great natural tip is to fill a baking tray or oven-proof dish with water, add some lemon juice (a great natural degreaser) and place in the oven. Turn your oven on at around 250 degrees and leave for around 30 minutes. The water vapour and infused lemon will help soften all those hard bits. 

Tip 2


For baked-on foods and ovens that need a little more help, we have a secret weapon, ENJO’s environmentally responsible Marble Paste^! Finely ground marble and chalk combine to form a biodegradable mild abrasive. This handy little helper contains no artificial colours, fragrances, or preservatives making it super safe with amazing results.

To apply, wet your ENJO kitchen fibre, add Marble Paste to the area and let the fibre and the paste work to loosen and lift the debris. Rinse well, and use the ENJO Kitchen Miracle to dry your surfaces.

How to keep a clean oven clean

Now your oven is in a sparkly clean condition you want to try to keep it this way – this is how you do it.

Tip 1

Clean and wipe spills as you go! Simple in theory, but often difficult to execute. When you turn off your oven set your oven timer for an hour. During this time you’ll enjoy your dinner and clean up the kitchen. When the timer goes off your oven should be cool and it serves as a reminder to quickly clean the inside of your oven with your ENJO glove and Miracle.

Tip 2

Instead of placing baking dishes directly on to the rack, place baking trays underneath the dish to catch spills. Then you can simply remove and clean the tray and your oven rack will be spotless.

Tip 3

If it won’t interfere with the dish you’re cooking, cover splatter-prone dishes with recycled aluminium foil, when used carefully, foil can be cleaned and used again. If you’re looking for a long-lasting alternative, invest in reusable clear food wraps, an alternative to cling wrap that can withstand heat up to 250°C. 

Tip 4

Cleaning your oven regularly will help make the chore of cleaning your oven far easier. Choose a weekend of the month (first, last or whichever is easier to remember) and give your oven a deep clean.

Tip 5

Cook-up meat that tends to spit fat on the barbeque. Yes this will mean cleaning your BBQ, but at least your oven will be splatter free.


You’re done – no harsh chemicals and one clean oven.

If you're interested in learning more about cleaning without chemicals, hold an ENJO Demo and see ENJO in action in your own home.


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Editor's note: this post was updated 1 June 2019.


^Always test on an inconspicuous area first and avoid use on Perspex or plated silver.

John Patrick
03 Jul 2019
Great article. Also the Steam Method, the Baking Soda Method, and the Castile Soap Formulation Method still works also today.
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