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The fastest way to clean your glass pool fence

Glass pool fencing is a great way to hide the fact you have a pool fence… until they get dirty. Here is the quickest way to keep your glass pool fence clean



Glass pool fences have plenty of advantages.

From improving pool safety to making your back yard look bigger, they offer an unobstructed view of your pool area and the illusion of no fence at all.

However, as soon as your pool fence is even slightly dirty, the illusion is shattered and everything you liked about your glass pool fence is ruined.

Like cleaning your windows, cleaning your glass pool fence can seem like a big chore and is easily placed onto the “I’ll do that later” list.

The good news, cleaning your glass pool fence doesn’t need to be hard or take up much of your time.

If you have the right tools, cleaning your pool fence can be quick and so easy – anyone in the family can do it.

3 essentials for cleaning your glass pool fence quickly

For a crystal clear pool fence with a streak-free finish in a flash, you need 3 items in your pool-fence cleaning kit.

Your glass cleaner

The ENJO Multi Tool is your glass cleaner + squeegee in one.

With a reusable, detachable fibre designed to cut through outdoor dirt on smooth glass surfaces, you can clean quickly and remove excess water by just flipping the tool in your hand

Your miracle cloth

Dry the window cleaner blade and any remaining water on your pool fence glass with the super-absorbent Window Miracle.

Designed to remove water while having a polishing effect on high-shine surfaces, without a single chemical you’ll bring a streak-free shine to your fence.


What do you use these tools with?

Just water.

The water helps the ENJOtex Fibre loosen and lift away dirt. No chemical residue means no buffing away product, you’ll just have a crystal clean finish with minimal-fuss.

How to clean your glass pool fence quickly

Step 1

Wet the pool fence and Window Multi Tool Fibre with the ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle.

Step 2

Clean the surface with the fibre, using the ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle to spray the fence as you go and where there is heavy dirt.

Step 3

Turn the Multi Tool around and use the Blade to clean the glass from top to bottom, drying the Blade each time with the  Miracle.

Step 4

For a super streak-free finish use the Miracle to dry and buff the surface.


Quick, no chemicals and long-lasting, now's the time to get your pool fence looking its best!


How do you keep your glass pool fence clean?


Share your pool fence cleaning tips in the comments and let us know if you've tried the ENJO Window Cleaner yet.

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