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Cleaning habits of a home lover

10 simple tips for a cleaner home

There’s no place like home. No matter the size, shape or address, once you step inside and close the door, it’s your very own little slice of the world, your sanctuary, a place where you can truly relax.

For all our homes offer us (functionally and emotionally), when we’re busy at work, or looking after our family - or both - it can be hard to give our homes the love and care they deserve, and everyday cleaning habits can take a back seat.

Naturally, cleaning keeps our homes healthy by reducing the number of bacteria on our surfaces, reducing the build-up of common asthma triggers such as dust and pet hair…we, of all people, understand the importance to our families' health…and let’s face it, when our homes are clean and looking their best, we love them even more.

Of course, we would recommend re-thinking those chemical-based products you might be accustomed to using…but for day-to-day help to keep on top of the chores and enjoy a clean and healthy home, we’ve compiled 10 simple tips, our cleaning habits to make life easier for all the home lovers.

1. Make the bed

Simple but effective! And the best bit…it really doesn’t take long, by simply straightening up the sheets you’ll be setting your world to rights.

2. Clean while you cook

During the working week with a long list of ‘to dos’ – a quick meal is all we want. But taking a little care while cooking, and cleaning as-you-go, saves you time in the long run…and will make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

3. Dust and vacuum regularly

A habit you might be tempted to skip by…but keeping on top of your dusting and vacuuming – especially if you have pets – will not only keep your home clean and looking beautiful, it will also reduce allergy and asthma triggers.

4. Get organised

Being able to find things you need, just – makes – sense. Dedicating some time to finding homes for your belongings will keep your home looking lovely, and if nothing else, prevents those frustrating ‘I can’t find the….’ moments.

5. Stay on top of the post

Another super simple habit; open your mail, read your mail, file the important and recycle the junk. Leaving unopened mail lying around adds to your ‘to do’ list and can leave your home looking messy and unorganised.

6. Take stock

We’re all guilty of holding on to things we no longer need or use. Donating, recycling or upcycling on a regular basis is a much better practice and means there are fewer items to organise and clean.

7. Stay on top of the laundry

Often an end of the week/weekend job, staying on top of your laundry is quite the achievement. We wouldn’t suggest running your machine more than you need to, instead make sure you’re only washing clothes that need to be washed, this will save time and energy, plus over-washing can ruin your lovely garments.

8. Multitask in the bathroom

Maintaining your bathroom's sense of clean and calm can be tricky during the week, and makes the cleaning job on the weekend such a chore. But keeping an ENJO bathroom fibre handy for a quick spot clean as-you-go, really helps avoid a big clean up job, and ensures your bathroom is clean and safe for the whole family.

9. Tidy before bed

Waking up in your beautifully clean and tidy home is the ideal…not always the reality. But a quick tidy up before you head off to bed will create a nicer environment to wake-up to and send you off to work in a good mood!

10. Invest in your cleaning supplies

Considering your cleaning products is a must. You want products that work, and quickly, without bringing harmful agents into your home … and if you can be sustainable too – great. As always, investing in quality products pays, and ENJO’s range of chemical-free cleaning products will help you keep a cleaner, safer and healthier home in half the time. Needing no chemicals and lasting 3 years, shopping for cleaning products is another thing you can knock off your ‘to do’ list.

Sue Inch
17 Sep 2016
Love these handy hints &tips!
Margaret Carter
15 Sep 2016
Great products. I only need more T towels about 4 at the moment,

Margaret Carter
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