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  • 06 Jan 2017
How to create a business that works for you

Six steps to business success

Now more than ever, small businesses are taking centre stage, driving a change in consumer spending habits from the once booming chain retail outlets to the artisan merchant.

Knowledge has become the object of our desire, we place a higher value on sourcing the best product for the best value, preferring to invest in credible, passionate traders who offer quality goods, a specialised service and most importantly, products that are sustainable and ethically sourced.

This change in mindset and behaviour is welcomed by all those established small businesses, but is also changing the retail landscape on the whole…could we see independent businesses rule?

With the benefits that come from purchasing a specialised product from a small business, taking the plunge and becoming a business owner comes with its benefits too. Deciding your own hours, setting your own goals and working to your own values, the perks all entrepreneurs and business owners take pleasure in – personal freedom, flexibility and ultimate fulfilment.

Running your own business is full of reward, but there’s also an element of risk, the financial outlay, the trial and error, which is all part and parcel of being an entrepreneur.

With big business still floundering after the economic downturn and competition from independent business, and our change in purchasing habit, now has never been a better time to think about investing in you, and working in a way that fits your lifestyle.

ENJO offers the opportunity to create a business that works entirely for you! With low start-up costs that can be paid in instalments, you can own your own business with an established brand, an innovative product, and 24 years’ of business success. It’s your business, your way with all the support and business processes already in place, travel opportunities and earning potential from online sales.

ENJO as a reusable, sustainable and safe brand has never been more relevant as we as consumers place higher importance on health, wellness and safety.

Making the dream a reality is a big step, and with so many questions about making your business a success, we’ve got the top tips from Sue Inch, successful ENJO business owner for 14 years, Sue has shared her secrets to business success!


“Passion is the core value, selling a product like ENJO means I know I’m enriching people’s lives, it’s so easy to sell because I know it so well and am passionate about it. I’ve been an ENJO business owner for 14 years’ and without my customer I don’t have a business, my business is based on word of mouth, and people give me referrals because of my passion for the ENJO brand. I say to people, it’s obligation free. It doesn’t bother me if you don’t buy anything. I just want to show you how it can improve your health and change your lifestyle. The product sells itself. It is very easy to trust the product, when you can just show somebody that it works.”


“Customer service is what sets ENJO apart. The fruit is in the follow up, and customer service is number one. We provide the best customer service. It’s ingrained. That is the point of difference. If people order online, we ring them and ask how the products are going. Rarely someone will hang up on you, most people are so grateful for a follow-up.

here’s a definite level of follow-up care that needs to be in place. I follow-up and make sure that the person is getting the value I believe they can get out of it.”


“Trust is really high on my list of business values. You’ve got to be completely transparent and honest, and put it out there so people trust you quickly.”

“Authenticity is another core value along with individuality. I definitely believe in pushing boundaries for something I believe in, and some limits are there to be pushed if they’re not harming people.”


“You don’t need to be a sales person to run a successful ENJO business, you just need passion for the product and self-belief. Don’t compare yourself. Be the best version of you. That’s probably the most frustrating part of my job. There is a gift in so many people, and this job is not just about selling a cleaning product. It’s also about growing as a person. I believe in myself and that I deserve to be happy, content, and successful. I say this to myself often, and that is my inner voice. I firmly believe that what you put out you get back. So when you do focus on something 100%, it actually comes to you. Your mind is very influential.”


“Don’t procrastinate too long. It’s a massive problem for a lot of people. Never procrastinate yourself to immobility. You action what you want to do. Be specific. It’s about making SMART goals. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Timeframe. What specifically do I need to do? Is that achievable? Is it realistic? What’s the timeframe?  Often, people just procrastinate into not doing anything. Despite the clichés, I believe in setting goals and writing lists. And I believe a list is a goal. Something simple that moves you into action. That’s taken some time to learn. It’s a habit that having an ENJO business has taught me.”


"Barb de Corti is the person who owns ENJO in Australia is the person I’ve probably learnt the most from, being part of her senior-management team, I’ve learnt from her and how she handles things. I’ve see her on the ground at an early time in my business. I have developed an ingrained respect for how she runs her business. I’ve listened and watched her. For me, it’s about having someone you admire and respect. I share her beliefs and I think that’s one of the reasons I started my ENJO business. I always firmly believe that if you want to be better, and you want to improve, then you've got to ask someone who's doing it better than you."

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