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6 proven tips that keep your floors clean for longer

Do you feel like your floors are always dirty? Spend less time cleaning and enjoy clean floors with these low-effort tips

It doesn’t take long for clean floors to become dirty floors, and when your floors are dirty, your whole home feels dirty.

We’ve already revealed how our best-selling Floorcleaner is the quickest way to clean your floors, but what about keeping that clean floor feel for longer?

With winter on the way, we’ll all be spending more time indoors, and by following these quick, low-effort tips you can spend less time cleaning and enjoy clean floors for much longer.

1. Use a doormat at every entrance  


A doormat is a small thing that has a big impact on the cleanliness of your floors. By design, doormats knock dirt and debris from your shoes and prevent that dirt from crossing the threshold into your home. They keep your floors cleaner and help protect the life of your floors. Most households have a doormat at the front door, but what about your side entrance or back door? Make sure you have all your bases covered for maximum benefit.

2. Dust your floors daily  


Dusting your floors every day might not sound like a low-effort solution, but it really is with a Dust Floor Fibre. Spend no more than 5 minutes (or the time it takes to make a cup of tea) zipping over the hard floors in your home. ENJO’s patented fibre is designed to lifts, trap and physically remove dust and hair with minimal effort, leaving your floors beautifully clean. Not convinced, read our reviews and watch our Floorcleaner in action.

3. Take your shoes off indoors

Taking your shoes off once you're inside your house is a ritual everyone who wants clean floors (and to detox their home) should partake in. Keeping your shoes on means dirt and dust gets carried from room to room. Carpets and rugs can also quickly become worn and damaged as dirt gets worked into the fibres. Keep a pair of slippers near the front door to swap into and notice how much cleaner your floors will stay.

4. Avoid using chemicals when cleaning 


Simply changing-up the products you use to clean your floors could help keep your floors clean for much longer. If you’ve already made the switch to reusable fibre cleaning products, you’ll know that there’s no need for chemicals, which means no chemical residue. Dirt and dust stick to the tacky residue left behind by chemicals. This residue makes dusting your floors less effective and means dirt builds up faster. 

5. Brush pets outside (and often)

Pets are the best and add so much to our lives, including extra mess in the form of dirt and hair. We’ve previously covered the absolute best way to clean your home if you have a dog, but to keep that clean floor feeling for much longer try brushing pets regularly outside or in the laundry. This will help reduce the build-up of shedding and dirt on floors around the home. You can always refer to tip 2 to quickly pick-up dust and hair with minimal effort.

6. Clean up spills on the spot


Kitchen and bathroom floors tend to see the most splashes and spills in the home. Clean up floor spills on the spot so that they don’t become sticky and quickly build-up grime. Spot cleaning spills doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming, simply have the floor fibre that suits your floors at the ready, add a spray of water and wipe the spill clean, so simple and quick for cleaner floors for longer.

If you have tips for keeping your floors clean, tell us about them in the comments.

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