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13 reasons to hold an ENJO Demo this holiday season

All the reasons why you should join the 1600 Australians holding an ENJO Demo this holiday season


If you clean your home with ENJO, you know there are so many benefits to cleaning without chemicals.

Did you know there are just as many benefits for buying your ENJO products at a demo?

What is a demo?


If you’ve always cleaned your home with chemicals, switching to chemical-free cleaning products is huge.

You’ll have questions and perhaps you’re sceptical that ENJO products can keep your home clean.

A demo is your opportunity to give ENJO a try in your own home. If you like it, you buy it - if you don’t, you don’t.

Holding a Demo means you get the advice and guidance of an ENJO expert. 

Your questions get answered by a business owner who has firsthand experience of the difference cleaning without chemicals can make to your home and family.

What are the benefits of holding a demo this holiday season?


The holidays are the perfect time for hosting family and friends, eating good food and having fun. 

The festive seasons is also the perfect time to host an ENJO Demo.

Simply gather a few friends and family together and an ENJO Business owner will show you how ENJO works in just 1 hour.

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to a healthier cleaning routine, here’s why the holidays are the best time to hold a Demo.

1. Get gifts


This holiday season ENJO is gifting the exclusive Little Things Trio.

A staple ENJO Allpurpose Cloth, Limited Edition Waffle Miracle and exclusive ENJO Little Things Beeswax Wrap 2 pack.

Three sustainable solutions to keep your kitchen surfaces clean and dry and food fresh with zero waste, just for being the host.

2. Do good deeds


The holiday season is the most wonderful time of year but it’s also the most wasteful.

To thank our Demo hosts for choosing reusable cleaning products and making a positive difference this holiday season, ENJO Australia is planting a tree with the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund.

3. Watch ENJO in action


Cleaning without chemicals, does it work?

The answer is yes, but seeing it with your own eyes is the best way to learn how ENJO actually works.

Hold a demo to see ENJO working in your own home where you can test the products yourself.

4. Get a room Bundle for free


In addition to your free Little Things Trio, holding a Demo can mean free products.

An ENJO Bundle contains the products you need to keep a room/zone in your home clean without chemicals for 3 whole years.

Hold a Demo and you could choose a room bundle for free, that means your cleaning products for a whole room in your home for 3 years.

5. Get ENJO credit to spend on products just for being the host


If you’re hosting a demo because you’re interested in a healthier way to clean, the people you know and love are probably interested too.

If you invite them along to your demo and they decide to buy products, as the host you get 10% ENJO credit on all sales to spend on your own ENJO products.

6. Get 50% off individual products


Hosting an ENJO Demo means you’re supporting an independent business owner. Someone who has turned their passion for sharing the benefits of chemical-free cleaning into a business.

Your support is appreciated, and if someone at your demo decides to take advantage of all the host benefits by holding their own demo, you get 50% off a product of your choice (we recommend our Floorcleaner for all these reasons).

7. Learn how to clean faster



The holidays are a busy time of year, but we all want a clean home and stress-free festive season.

The great thing about cleaning with ENJO is that it’s both effective and efficient.

Once you learn the tips and tricks from the ENJO experts, you’ll be speeding through your cleaning routine and spending more time doing the things you love.

8. Make a positive difference



Choosing to clean with ENJO means so much more than cleaning differently, you’ll be making a positive impact on your home and the planet.

Cleaning with ENJO means improving your homes indoor air quality, reducing your household waste, reducing water use and your carbon footprint.

9. Shop from the comfort of your home



Avoid the hassle of hitting the shops during the festive season and get 3 years’ worth of cleaning products from the comfort of your own home.

Holding a demo is the perfect balance between shopping online, physically going shopping and having a personal shopper.

You get to stay home and browse the products as if online shopping, but then you get to physically see and hold the products while receiving amazing customer service.

10. Spend time with the people you like

Life’s busy, but surely your friends and family need to know about a better way to clean too?

Holding a demo is a great way to get everyone together, spend an hour learning about cleaning without chemicals and then enjoy the rest of your afternoon in good company with good food.

11. Ask questions and get answers

With any new product, it’s natural to have questions, and holding a demo is a great way to get answers.

How are ENJO products made? Can I keep my oven clean without chemicals? What's the best product for cleaning my shower screen? How can I get this stain out of my carpet? What floor fibre do I need for these tiles?

All great questions, and you’ll get the answers for in real-time.

12. Get waste-free gift wrap ideas


As we strive to deliver zero waste ideas in all we do, every bundle purchased until 19 December receives a complimentary Wrapped with Purpose Kit.

This kit includes our best-selling bamboo t-towel, biodegradable twine and seed-infused gift tag. A great way to keep it waste-free under your tree this holiday season.

13. You're supporting local business 

Holding an ENJO demo means supporting a local business owner, someone who has invested in a product they love.

Supporting a local ENJO business owner also means supporting your local economy and you’ll receive continued support, personalised service and expert advice relating to your home's cleaning needs.

Want to join over 1600 Australians switching to chemical-free cleaning this holiday season?


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