• 11 Nov 2016
As things heat up…rehydrate, with the reusable

Drink-up from our fave stylish and sustainable drink bottles

Staying hydrated and staying healthy go hand-in-hand. With busy lives and summer heating up, it’s important to make sure we maintain our intake of water. From boosting your metabolism and supporting your skin’s integrity, to replacing chemical cleaners in your home, the benefits of water are endless!

When you’re out and about convenience usually dictates, and grabbing a disposable bottle of water quenches our thirst quite nicely. Knowing how important water is for your health, we would never advise against picking up a bottle of water when needed…but with a little bit of forward planning you can stay hydrated while being stylish and sustainable too.

Bottled water is increasingly popular in Australia, and although most plastic bottles are recyclable, many end up in landfill…not ideal. Then considering the energy it takes to pump water out of the ground, package it, transport it and then chill it…it’s no wonder that when plastic bottled water first came about in the 80s we all thought it was a bizarre concept.

With marketing having a huge part to play in the bottled water movement…would switching things up and getting people back to the tap be really that radical an idea?

Well fortunately, apparently not. The first bottled-water free town exists and it’s in Australia! Bundanoon in NSW made the switch back in 2009 and replaced bottled water with bottle fill stations around the town and schools, eliminating the need for people to pay for plastic. The University of New South Wales have their #BeatTheBottle initiative, and our personal favourite, innovative design company Meet PAT! Meet PAT encourages the reduction in single use water bottle waste, by inspiring people to rediscover the tap. They design sustainable, iconic, friendly and fun mobile and static water filling stations with super cool modern branding!

We agree with Meet PAT that implementing cultural change in how we view rehydrating is essential, and we should all get back to the tap.

Always in love with the sustainable and reusable…but also the stylish, we’ve been on the hunt for the best reusable water bottles that we think will persuade even the most convenience-motivated person to make the switch.

Klean Kanteen


Perfect for the health conscious, Klean Kanteen offer a safe alternative to plastic. Made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel, these reusable drinks bottles come in all shapes and sizes, and are super sleek! Designed for durability and with a large mouth opening to fit ice cubes and bottle brushes, Klean Kanteen have all your hydration needs covered. Keeping cool drinks cool and with a lifetime warranty – these bottles are perfect for our Aussie climate.



We love innovation, so although this product is based in the US, we love their unique approach… and for those who are all about style – we just had to share this! ALEX stands for ‘Always Live Extraordinarily’ and they have created a beautiful product that has you covered from staying hydrated to mixing a cocktails. Made up of three parts it’s easy to clean and collapsible so it’s compact and easy to store while you’re out and about.



S’well is on a mission to rid the world of plastic bottles…and with such beautifully crafted, and even custom and limited edition designs…we want to help them on their mission! Keeping drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, you can use your S’well reusable drinks bottle for your hot travel drink of choice, or to keep your cool drink close while you’re out in the sun.



Swiss made, SIGG reusable bottles are world renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. Originally designed for mountain climbers, these aluminium water bottles have evolved into a stylish lifestyle must-have. Guaranteed to be water tight, you won’t spill a drop of your drink while you’re on the move.

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