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Food shopping reinvented…What no waste shopping looks like

Organic produce and no waste…Germany leads the way

Food shopping has definitely evolved in recent years. It wasn’t that long ago people were growing their own at home, sourcing meat from local farmers, and purchasing fresh produce from plentiful market gardens, something our ambassador sustainable Chef Matt Stone, author of The Natural Cook is bringing back in spades!

For most, fast forward to modern times in the western world and convenience is king. Shopping as we’ve come to know it is quite the experience. The vast buildings, huge trolleys, strategically-organised aisles, conveyor belt payment, and the endless supply of packaging and plastic bags. Our focus is mass-produced convenience…with less thought on the produce we take into our bodies.

Although we’re becoming more conscious about sourcing locally and replacing plastic bags, supermarkets still monopolise. We can grab ready-to-eat (often highly processed), heavily packaged meals at affordable prices, any day of the week! With 24 hour stores and the introduction of online shopping, we can fill our baskets (and then our faces) without even leaving the comfort of our own home.

With convenience, comes questionable freshness, and unfortunately a disposable attitude. Being far removed from where our food comes from, we’ve lost respect for produce, how it’s grown, the energy it takes to be cared for and how it reaches us. Even before fresh food hits the supermarket shelves, it’s vetted on appearance leading to the waste of perfectly fine food.

We know, it’s a lot to think about, but we also know that more people are adjusting to the idea that we can no longer afford to be unconscious consumers…which is why we wanted to share exactly what zero-waste grocery shopping looks like!

Original Unverpackt, or Original Unpackaged is the eco-conscious customer’s Heaven. On. Earth! Founded by Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski, this revolutionary shopping experience means you can shop organic produce, with no packaging or plastic bags, and only purchase and pay for the exact amount you need – zero waste at its finest.

The idea was brought to life thanks to the success of a crowdfunding campaign, which (we hope) is a strong indicator for the want for eco-consumerism. With over 10 million1 new (yes new!) plastic bags being distributed each year in Australia alone, a pilot shopping experience such as this shows us it can be done!

Utilising innovation and clever design solutions, Original Unverpackt dramatically reduces waste, and with an online store and an attractive franchise opportunity, we hope to see zero-waste shopping concept continue to grow.



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