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  • 10 Aug 2016
Go for green

Get behind the environmental message at this year's games 

We can’t quite believe it’s been 4 years since the London Olympic Games, but after what promised to be the sexiest opening ceremony in the history of the games and a couple of gold medals already in the bag (go Team Australia!)… we’re all well aware that the Rio 2016 games have arrived!

Despite the slightly tainted build-up to this year's games… there’s nothing quite like a doping scandal, myriad of infrastructure issues and a prevalent viral illness to dampen the festivities …we’re still looking forward to settling in to view the thrilling victories, the heart-breaking defeats, and to get behind Team Australia for the 31st Olympic Games.

For ENJO, gold is great, but going for green is better, and we couldn’t be more elated that Brazil is leveraging the Olympic Games to promote an environmental message on a worldwide scale! Admittedly there have been some environmental issues highlighted in the run-up to the games, but with a beautiful and diverse landscape, and home to the world’s largest rainforest, the media spotlight on the Brazilian Olympic stage is the perfect platform to drive home an environmental and sustainable message.

Hosting an Olympic Games brings with it huge financial investment, amazing, but on the flipside the need for rapid infrastructure understandably has a negative environmental impact. Although Brazil has (and still is) facing some environmental challenges, we have to applaud their pioneering approach and commitment to reducing the environmental footprint left by the preparation and operation of such a momentous event. As ambassadors for sustainable living and zero waste, we know this would be no easy feat.

We may not be Olympic athletes…actually far from it, but with competition in the air, we can’t help but get into the sustainable Olympic spirit too! Like our athletes ENJO strives for perfection, to beat the best, and we know our brand out-performs in the cleaning competition…but much like the efforts in Rio, we want to draw attention to the sustainable, and environmental benefits of cleaning with ENJO.

ENJO’s pioneering fibre range is handcrafted for longevity, lasting up to three years, they offer great value and environmental benefits. A fibre that not only eliminates the need for chemicals, but can be upcycled makes ENJO a winning product in itself.

To echo the Olympic message, the future really does depend on us bringing sustainable and environmentally focused products and processes to the forefront of our daily lives, which is why we think going for green should be the gold standard.

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