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I’ve been using the ENJO car range, here’s what I thought

We want people to feel comfortable about trying a new car cleaning routine, so we asked someone who recently purchased the ENJO Car Glove and Miracle to share their experience.




Changing your car cleaning habits can be hard, it involves taking a risk on something new and potentially not liking it.

We get it, cleaning your car without chemicals is different.

We want people to feel comfortable about trying a new car cleaning routine, so we asked someone who recently purchased the ENJO car range to share their experience.

Here's what they had to say.

What products did you use to clean your car before ENJO?


Generally, I'd stick to using a mitt with long fibres that seemed to clean ok. However, it would always be catching the dirt covering my car, and I'd be forever cleaning the mitt itself to avoid scratching the car.

What made you consider chemical-free, sustainable car cleaning? 


I’ve always used harsh cleaning products in the past, from the kitchen and bathroom to cleaning my car. But one of the major downsides was the effect on my skin, so swapping to a chemical-free way was a win, especially when the byproduct of car cleaning ends up in the drains or garden.

Did you have any concerns about cleaning your car with ENJO?


Not at all! Because there were multiple job-specific tasks for each product. For example, the Car Glove was perfect for washing from roof to rim, and the Miracle did a great job drying the vehicle and leaving my windows streak-free. 

How did you find the switch? Was it hard to break your car cleaning habits?


I found the whole process much easier. From fewer products to less steps in cleaning. Though I do still use a two bucket method with clean and dirty water.

What’s the main difference you’ve noticed since making the switch?


The simplicity of cleaning and getting the same results as all the sprays and soaps I’d been using previously. 

Did you find anything surprising about cleaning with just water? 


Still surprisingly efficient and I seem to be using less water now.

How would you describe the effectiveness of cleaning with ENJO? 


The Car Glove is impressive, I think the fibres used in the glove make it smooth to use. Also, the glove doesn't get waterlogged like my previous product, which made it a strain once you got towards the end of the car.

What’s your favourite thing about cleaning chemical-free? 



To me, it means when I’m cleaning I don’t have to constantly be concerned about my toddler getting involved and having harmful chemicals on his skin. And of course, the results! 

What do you miss (if anything) about cleaning with chemicals?


Only the soap bubbles! 

Which was your favourite car product? 


The Car Glove for sure! It feels good in the hand when using. I was rather impressed.

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