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The best way to clean your home if you have a dog

Is your dog the one thing coming between you and a clean home? Follow our dog owner’s guide to keeping a clean home

There are an estimated 4.8 million pet puppers in Australia, and there’s no denying they bring joy and mess in equal measure, but let’s face it, no amount of mess will change the way we feel about our dogs!

If you’re a home lover and a dog lover - have the best of both worlds, a home full of puppy love that’s clean enough to relax in, and welcome those unexpected guests – this is your guide to keeping your house clean even if you have dogs.

Clean dog, clean home

Most family dogs have an all-access pass to the house - including the couch, beds and wherever else their little snoot desires, which is why keeping your dog clean will definitely help keep your home clean.

1. Pup station

Dogs love walks, taking them to the park, beach or stroll around the block will have them giving you the kind eyes for the rest of the day, and leaving their little paw prints across your floors. To keep your floors cleaner for longer, create a little pup station just outside or inside your front door. All you need is a towel, a little bottle of water and their brush, then you can clean their paws and brush them down before they enter the house.

2. Bath time

You don’t want to bath your dog too often (or with anything harsh), but a weekly wash will keep your dog clean and smelling fresh.

3. Brush down outside

Brush your dog daily, and brush them outside, this will get rid of all the loose hairs and stop them shedding as much on your floors.

4. After dinner clean-up

Dogs with long dangly ears, fluffy beards or jowls are adorable, but dinner time can get messy when food gets caught in said dangly ears, beards or jowls. Wiping down your pup after each meal will help keep them clean and smelling fresh.

Pet-friendly cleaning routine

Keeping our dogs as well-groomed as possible is step number one towards keeping your home clean, but there are many more pup-related problems homeowners need to tackle for a clean and comfortable home.

1. The problem: dog smell

Like humans, dogs get smelly. They don’t wash daily and they also love rolling around in all kinds of smells at the park, so it doesn’t take long for them to start smelling ‘like dog’ and for your home to also start smelling ‘like dog’.

The solution

Fresh air circulating your home does wonders for improving your home’s indoor air quality, preventing other household cleaning problems like mould and keeping the pup scent at bay. Open your windows for a few hours a day to feel the benefits.

For a little-added fragrance, think about essential oils as opposed to artificial air fresheners that can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Wash blankets, cushion covers, bed sheets, dog beds (and wherever else your four-legged friend likes to rest their paws) often, with a kind and caring formula.

It’s tempting to leave dog food out in case your pup gets hungry, but dog bowls containing food are an added pup-related odour your home doesn’t need. Having a feeding schedule will help you monitor how much your dog is eating and will mean you can wash up and put away their dinnerware.

2. The problem: accidents

Accidents happen, especially if you have a puppy or older dog in the house – the trick is to act fast.

The solution

Cleaning up puppy pee naturally is easier than you might think. If you have tile or hardwood floors it’s a breeze, simply keep a floor cleaner handy. The ENJO floor cleaning system is so easy, the fibres are highly absorbent with fibres 100-times finer than a human hair, and all you have to do is add water for the fibres to lift and absorb.

If your pupper decides the carpet is the perfect place to pee, start by spraying the area with water. After adding water, blot the area, it’s important you blot and don’t rub, rubbing will only spread the urine around and could damage the carpet fibres. Use something super-absorbent and blot from the outside in until the area is mostly dry, then add water to a fabric cleaner. ENJO’s Fabric Glove is made up of fibres that are super-absorbent and designed to loosen and lift stains from fabric without the need for harsh chemicals. Use a damp Fabric Glove gently in a circular motion to clean the area. Then simply wash the Fabric Glove in your next load to use again.

Vinegar is a natural solution that helps neutralise ammonia in urine, helping combat the smell – simply dilute 50:50 with water. We don’t recommend adding vinegar to your ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle as this can prevent the spraying mechanism from working.

3. The problem: hair, everywhere

For some dogs, and at certain times of the year, in spite of all your brushing efforts, you’re finding dog hairs everywhere.

The solution

If your dog shedding is a real problem, keeping your dog outside during these times will obviously help… but if this just isn’t an option for you or your pup, regular dusting is a must (especially if you have asthma or allergies). ENJO’s Dust Floor Fibre is perfect for attracting those hairs like a magnet. Keep the fibre on the Floorcleaner and zip over your floors as often as required, it really does take no time at all.

If your home has carpet, you might want to consider investing in an automatic vacuum cleaner, that way you can be picking up dog hairs without having to lift a finger.

If your pup is leaving hairs all over the couch or their favourite armchair, use a lint glove and brush (in one direction) to lift and trap the hairs effectively.

4. The problem: keeping your floors clean

If you have tile, laminate or any kind of hard surface floors, little paw prints can be problematic, but so can finding the right product to clean them away. Dogs spend a lot of their time with their nose to the floor, licking up crumbs and just generally being close to the ground (and adorable), so you want to use products that are safe and don’t leave behind a chemical residue.

The solution

It’s a simple one – you can clean your floors quickly and effectively with water and fibre technology with the ENJO Floorcleaner. All you need to use is water, there’s an ENJO Floor Fibre designed to suit every floor type from matte to shiny, and those floors that need a deep clean, and all you need is water.

5. The problem: stains on carpets and rugs

Removing stains on carpets and rugs can be hard at the best of times. Dogs pose an added challenge when it comes to keeping carpets and rugs clean. From muddy paw prints to excited accidents - stains are inevitable if you have a pupper.

The solution

Cleaning up as soon as you notice the stain is important, time is of the essence. For most carpet and rug stains using cool water and a Fabric Glove is a winning combination for removing stains naturally. Start by spraying the area and then use a towel to blot any excess liquid, working from the outside inwards. Spray your ENJO Fabric Glove so that it’s damp (not wet), and using the striped side of the Fabric Glove clean the area in a soft circular motion from the outside of the stain working inwards. The unique weave of the glove has been specially designed for use on fabrics without the need for chemicals. Be careful not to rub too hard, allow the fibres to do the work.

6. The problem: marks on walls

Dogs love to jump up and bounce around, and if you have a dog and have a little look around at the walls in your home, you might notice a slight difference in the colour of your walls around the height of your tallest dog.

The solution

Cleaning your walls isn’t typically a part of your cleaning routine, but if you have dogs, it’s something you want to incorporate. Adding water to you an Allpurpose Cloth and wiping away marks is the perfect way to protect your paintwork (no chemicals required) and prevent build-up over time – prolonging the need for a new paint job.

7. The problem: mass destruction

Leave a dog alone for long enough, or simply get distracted for 5 minutes, they are going to make their own fun, and it may be with your new shoes, couch cushion or contents of the kitchen bin.

The solution

Breathe! Take a photo of their guilty little face, grab your green cleaning supplies and get to work!

We’d love to hear your pup mass destruction stories, share them in the comments along with any natural cleaning tips and tricks that help keep the dog-mess at bay.


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