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The ultimate how-to clean your BBQ

With spring finally in the air and a sense of anticipation for the Aussie summer ahead…we don’t know about you, but for us, most forms of nostalgia materialise in the form of food, and nothing says warm evenings have arrived like an Aussie BBQ.

We all know the best Aussie meals are served straight from the grill among family and friends. As the sun’s going down, with a cool drink in hand, nothing beats the taste of that BBQ char…it’s a slice of Aussie heaven!

A tradition of our culture, we’re famous for our Barbies, but unless you’re a die-hard BBQ enthusiast… after what has seemed like the coldest winter in a long time…your BBQ has probably been missing the love and attention it so frequently receives during our long lazy summers.

Not to worry, dusting off the cobwebs and re-establishing your BBQ’s former glory takes nothing but a simple wet, wipe and dry.

Now is the perfect time to get your BBQ and outdoor area ready for your first summertime feast as the ENJO Alfresco Pack (which includes our BBQ Glove, Miracle and AllPurpose Cloth) is on offer for just $89!

For a better tasting BBQ follow our simple steps to chemical-free BBQ cooking below… and you’ll never have to worry you’re not BBQ-ready this summer.

1. Make sure your BBQ is cool before you begin!

2. Wet your BBQ Glove with cool water, and squeeze out any excess.

TIP: A great tip is to start work on the cleanest area of your BBQ!

3. Use the grease side (Sun logo side) of the ENJO BBQ Glove to clean the outside of your BBQ, and use your ENJO BBQ Miracle cloth to dry your BBQ – this helps prevent rust.

4. Use your BBQ scraper and remove any excess grease and built up grime on your hot plate and grill.

5. For the harder to clean areas such as the hot plate and grill, using the coarser side of your BBQ Glove (striped side) wet the glove and wipe over the surface.

6. Make sure you dry your hot plate with the ENJO BBQ Miracle to prevent the growth of bacteria.

TIP: After cleaning your BBQ, soak your BBQ Glove in a bucket of cool, soapy water for 20 minutes before popping in your Laundry Bag to wash as normal.

And you’re done – no detergents, just water, and you’re ready to fire-up the Barbie and enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

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Beautiful BBQs await!

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