Are you making these 9 cleaning mistakes?

Cleaning mistakes that could actually make your home dirtier. Avoid these common cleaning mistakes and discover the ultimate cleaning mistake


If you’re cleaning, you have one objective, a clean home. Make sure you're not making these cleaning mistakes that could be wasting your time and actually making your home dirtier.

Cleaning mistake 1. Leaving surfaces to air dry

This is a common cleaning mistake that could make you sick. Most moulds and bacteria thrive in humid or damp conditions which means if you wipe down a surface and leave it to air dry any spores or bacteria left behind will start growing. The best way to prevent mould and bacteria is to clean the surface and then dry the surface. Use a super-absorbent cloth for drying and help prevent the spread of germs.

Cleaning mistake 2. Using harsh chemicals to clean grout

Grout is notoriously tricky to keep clean and a common cleaning mistake is to use harsh chemicals. Not only do chemical fumes contribute to poor indoor air quality, but the abrasive nature can damage the grout and make the grout more susceptible to mould spores. This makes grout harder to clean each time. A top tip for preventing mould is to keep surfaces dry!

Cleaning mistake 3. Not swapping out your kitchen sponge

Bacteria spread quickly from surface-to-surface with cleaning cloths and sponges. The kitchen sponge gets notoriously grimy as the kitchen sink is a common area of the home we forget to clean. Avoid this cleaning mistake by changing your sponge regularly to prevent the spread of dirt and bacteria, consider reusable cleaning products and help prevent household waste.

Cleaning mistake 4. Dusting with a feather duster 

Dusting can seem like a never-ending task, and it definitely will be if you make the mistake of using a feather duster to clean dust from your home. Stop moving dust from surface-to-surface and opt for a healthier way to keep your home dust-free. ENJO Dust Fibres actually lift, trap and move dust from your home without a single harsh chemical.

Cleaning mistake 5. Cleaning from the ground up

Starting your cleaning routine with your floors is a big mistake. Always start cleaning from the highest point in your home such as light fittings, ceiling fans and high shelves. Make your way down and end with skirting boards and then your floors. 

Cleaning mistake 6. Cleaning hard floors with a mop and bucket

If you still clean your floors with a mop and bucket you’re making multiple cleaning mistakes. Mistake number one, cleaning with a mop and bucket is slow and unless you’re changing the water regularly, you’re making floor-cleaning mistake number two, using dirty water and a dirty mop head to clean your floor. The ENJO Floorcleaner is fast and the Floor Fibres are designed to lift and trap dirt into the weave of the fibre from a range of surfaces. Simply choose the Floor Fibre to suit your floors and using minimal water let the fibre do the cleaning.

Cleaning mistake 7. Cleaning the toilet bowl but not the flush button

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the toilet bowl tends to be the priority, so much so that we make the mistake of not cleaning areas of the bathroom we actually touch like the flush button, taps or the door handles. Avoid this mistake by incorporating these areas into your cleaning routine.

Cleaning mistake 8. Forgetting to clean your fridge

A dirty fridge can quickly become a breeding grounds for harmful bacteria – making this a mistake you don’t want to make. Keeping a clean and organised fridge doesn’t have to be a huge job, simply check for spoiled foods regularly and wipe down the shelves, handle and seals weekly. If you find food is spoiling often check the temperature is set correctly. 

Cleaning mistake 9. Spraying surfaces directly with chemicals

Cleaning with chemicals is the ultimate cleaning mistake when there’s a more effective, chemical-free, reusable cleaning alternative. Keep the surfaces in your home clean from top to bottom while improving your homes indoor air quality, reducing your household waste and saving yourself heaps of time.

To get the most out of your cleaning routine and to avoid potential cleaning mistakes, discover the benefits of ENJO by holding an ENJO Demo. There are so many benefits to seeing ENJO in action in your own home including a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


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Stop making the ultimate cleaning mistake and switch to chemical-free today.

Lyndall Steinmetz
01 Oct 2019
Thank you for your reply to my e-mail. Can you tell me what I need, my floors are semi-gloss & I normally vacuum first then wash with mop & bucket which is leaving spot marks on boards & driving me crazy. I want to also know how much it is going to cost me for mop handle & whatever cloth I need for my type of floors please
Thanking you
Lyndall Steinmetz
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