An easy clean by bringing the outdoors in

5 helpful house plants for clean air and a healthy home

We love to spend time outdoors, breathing in that fresh air! Even if it doesn’t happen as much as we’d like, the space, clean air and beautiful plant life create an overwhelming sense of calm and contentment, it’s therapeutic and good for your wellbeing.

For most of us, there’s at least one enviable green thumb in the family, a natural, who effortlessly creates their own little green oasis that flourishes come rain, wind or shine. But, when their hard work has created the perfect paradise to catch-up over a coffee…you can’t stay jealous for too long!

Yet as the steady growth of the population causes our cities to creep up and out, large blocks and big blossoming gardens full of clean air are becoming few and far between… it’s more concrete…less jungle. But if you’re missing a garden in your life – fear not – bringing the outdoors in brings with it cleaner air and a host of wellness benefits you shouldn’t be without for a healthy home.

We might not think about it all that often, but quite simply, we couldn’t live without plants…being the basis for all life, they probably don’t get the appreciation they deserve. Even just looking lovely in a beautiful pot can help boost your mood and increase your creativity – and really that’s just the start of it.

We unintentionally, and sometimes unavoidably fill our homes with chemicals and synthetic products that pollute our homes' air, but, picking the right plant can detoxify your home, meaning cleaner, safer air for your family.

Naturally, being all about cleaner, safer chemical-free living, we just had to share our top 5 helpful house plants that will bring style and detoxify your life, meaning cleaner air in your home couldn’t be easier.

1. Aloe vera

For those lacking a green-thumb, aloe vera is for you! Easy to grow in a sunny spot, this special succulent sits sweetly on your window sill and helps clean the air of the toxic by-products of chemical cleaners.
Source: Domaine Home

2. Snake Plant

Thriving in low-light and humid conditions, brighten up your bathroom with this formaldehyde filtering flora. A statement piece for detoxifying the air… and a great opportunity for a beautiful big pot!
Souce: Instagram @haleyweidenbaum

3. Weeping fig

For those looking to flex their plant-caring skills, the weeping fig is a bold and beautiful choice. A little fussy when it comes to finding the perfect spot, but totally worth the effort; naturally filtering pollutants found in furniture and carpets they work wonders cleaning the air in busy living areas.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

4. Peace Lily

A pretty piece for your home, peace lilies offer another option for the novice plant grower. With beautiful flowers and formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene removing properties, they’re versatile, for clean air in any room of your home.
Source: House Beautiful

5. Chrysanthemum

Pretty and powerful! If your home is looking for a bit of colour, chrysanthemums are the answer. Another benzene filterer, pop in a sunny spot for an indoor detox with a pretty outlook.
Source: Life is a Garden

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