• 15 Jan 2019
I started my own ENJO Business, here’s what happened

ENJO Australia has offered the ENJO Business opportunity for 25 years, but what is it really like to run your own ENJO Business?


Bri Petros from NSW has taken over the ENJO Blog to reveal all.


From left to right: Barb de Corti, Founder & CEO ENJO Australia, Bri Petros and Johannes Engl, Founder & CEO ENJO International.

Hi, my name is Bri and I’m from New South Wales. I’m a Mum of two and my kids keep me plenty busy, we love park play dates and beach days with friends, I also like to get myself to the gym regularly.

Before starting my ENJO Business I was a stay-at-home mum for 6 years, I loved being there for my sons and being able to do the school drop-off and pick-up. Mum life was challenging, but it was great!

I started my own ENJO Business in October 2017. I didn’t have any direct sales experience - although I did encourage people to upsell fries as a McDonald's Manager – however, I had a feeling an ENJO Business would be a little different.

Here's how it happened.

I started an ENJO Business because...


I started an ENJO Business because even though it was great not having to rush back to work after having my two children, looking after the kids 24/7 was mentally very challenging, and I just felt like something was missing from my life. I wanted adult interaction and the extra income would be much appreciated, and I had intended on waiting until both my boys were at school.

I held an ENJO Demo (I had dirty shower issues!) and the ENJOpreneur mentioned the ENJO Business opportunity and it got my mind racing right away. I thought, hey, I could run my own business, work my own hours, and I was truly blown away with how amazing ENJO worked in my home. I needed more people to see how cool this product was, and who better to do that than me? So I went for it!

At my first ENJO Demo... 


At my first ENJO Demo I stood up and started to introduce myself, gosh, I was so, so nervous! Fortunately, I had friends and family there to support me and they were all looking at me and smiling – but, if I’m honest, this was the hardest introduction I’d ever had to make.

However, as soon as I got to cleaning with the fibres and saw how much my guests were wowed by the products my confidence started to grow. I was surprised at how easy the products make holding a Demo, it’s like doing a magic show, and now my confidence has grown and talking about ENJO is so easy.  

A typical day running my ENJO Business...


A typical day running my ENJO Business usually starts at the gym, followed by the school drop-off and then - very important - coffee! At this point in my morning, I will check-in with customers who have a Demo booked in that week and maybe follow-up customers who recently received their orders. I love to see how they are getting on with their ENJO goodies and make sure I’m there to answer any questions they may have.

Mid-morning I might do some cleaning to share on my Instagram. My followers actually like seeing me clean, so that’s a bit of a win-win, I can be in my activewear, no makeup on and know that I’m being social with my customers, hopefully teaching people about a healthier way to clean and my house is getting clean in the process!

Sunday afternoon tends to be a good time for customers to hold a Demo, so I dedicate my Sunday mornings to my family, and then I head off to my demonstration for a couple of hours. Friday nights can be a busy time for Demos too, I often get the kids ready for bed before I shoot off so I don’t have ‘Mum guilt’ for leaving them for a few hours.

I went to New York and Austria (for free)... 



ENJO has impacted my life immensely! I get so much satisfaction from keeping in touch with my customers and finding out how they are going with the products. ENJO seems to help people in so many ways, improving allergies, reducing waste – just the fact that it works and means ditching chemicals – it’s so rewarding getting this feedback.

There’s also the travel! Only 6 months after starting my ENJO Business I’d earnt my way on a trip to New York, and I just got back from a trip to Austria, the opportunities are next level. 

To be successful at running an ENJO Business…



To be successful running an ENJO Business you need to keep it real, have fun and be relatable. I truly didn’t expect to see the success I have running my own ENJO Business, I still wonder if this is real and have to pinch myself from time-to-time. 

I think a genuine love for the products really shines through. I was always chatting about ENJO and about running my own business and I found people were genuinely interested to find out more.

People often tell me I’m not pushy, just passionate, which is nice to hear and is probably what helps make my job so simple. I like helping customers hop on the ENJO journey, and I do love to hustle and set myself goals.

The most challenging thing about my ENJO Business... 


The most challenging thing about my ENJO Business is Instagramming! Haha – I know, poor me, but a third hand would definitely come in useful when demonstrating how to clean on my Insta stories!

To be honest, I haven’t found anything too challenging, it has been a really positive experience so far. I will admit I am an organised person, and I think that has been really important, I think if I wasn’t so organised I would find it much more challenging.

My biggest achievement so far...


My biggest achievement so far, I actually have a few! Qualifying to jet set to New York was my first big achievement, it was an amazing experience with so many adventures and new friendships. When I started my ENJO Business it wasn’t about the travel opportunities, I knew they existed, but it wasn’t my main motivation.

I was also stoked to have ticked a really big box, and that was becoming a senior team leader just a year into starting my business, which means I now get to build a team and work closely with other inspiring ENJO Business owners.

Finally, on my recent ENJO trip to Austria I was awarded for being within the top ten ENJO Business owners globally! I’m so proud, this is my biggest achievement to date.

The most important lesson I’ve learnt…


The most important lesson I've learnt from running my ENJO Business is to never assume anything. The quietest person in the room, who may not appear to be picking up what you’re putting down might be the most interested in ENJO because they have a health condition that would benefit from the removal of chemicals.

Never assume you know what people are thinking and just share what you know, you don’t know how it could impact someone’s life.

My advice for anyone considering starting an ENJO Business…



My advice for anyone considering running an ENJO Business is to go for it! You can be as busy as you like, and you can slow down and enjoy family time whenever you need to. The company is rewarding, loving and there’s no pressure. The product is amazing and everyone needs to clean, so go and help people clean simply and quickly, so they can get on with their day.


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