• 02 Oct 2020
How to clean your barbecue without chemicals in 5 steps

Minimal fuss and no harsh chemicals and you can transform your barbecue from a baked-on greasy mess to a completely clean grilling machine



It’s almost the season for outdoor cooking.

Flame-cooked food tastes great, it keeps the heat out of the kitchen (and subsequently helps improve your home’s indoor air quality) and is great for entertaining.

There’s nothing worse than having your food ready to throw on the barbecue only to notice it needs a deep clean.

Before the barbecue season gets into full swing, now's the time to make sure it’s clean and ready to go.


Did you know you can get your barbecue this clean without a single harsh chemical?

Why clean your barbecue without chemicals?

Cooking on the barbecue usually means no pots and no pans. 

Instead, your food makes direct contact with the grill or hotplate.


This means it's important that your cooking surface is clean and free from any cleaning residue.  

What's the best way to keep your barbecue clean?

Cleaning your barbecue with chemicals is an option.

However, like all chemical cleaning products you're spraying potentially harmful ingredients around your delicious food.   

There is potential for the chemical residue to be left behind and for your barbecue food to be contaminated.

If you do clean your barbecue with chemicals, make sure you rinsed thoroughly before you fire-up.

If you wanted to clean your barbecue safely, quickly and without chemicals, try patented fibre technology.

Cleaning your barbecue with ENJO can transform your barbecue from this...


... to this, with just water.

Yes, cleaning with ENJO really works, here's what you need.

The products you need to clean your barbecue without chemicals

When it comes to keeping your barbecue clean inside and out without a single harsh chemical we recommend the Outdoor Glove and Miracle, and the Kitchen Glove and Miracle. 

Cleaning the outside of your barbecue without chemicals

To keep the outside pristine and free from dust and dirt the Outdoor Glove and Miracle are perfect.

Made from a robust fibre, this double-sided glove is perfect for loosening dirt effectively with fine bristles on one side, and trapping dirt and cleaning smoother surfaces with the other.

If your barbecue has burnt-on food, the bristle side of the Outdoor Glove is perfect.

Cleaning the inside of your barbecue without chemicals 

For the grill and hotplate, we recommend the Kitchen Glove.

With built-in scouring pads, the kitchen fibres are designed to cut through grease and grime with just water and without transferring.

Simply dry off with the Kitchen Miracle.

Drying-off the surfaces of your barbecue helps prevent rust and bacterial growth.

How to clean your barbecue without chemicals in 5 steps

The secret to never being caught out with a dirty barbecue is to make sure you clean it after every use.

ENJO’s fibre technology is the reason ENJO products can remove dirt and bacteria more effectively than chemicals.

This means you need to care for your fibres, using ENJO products on hot surfaces will damage the unique fibres making them less effective.

Follow these simple steps for a clean barbecue without a single chemical.

Step 1

Make sure your barbecue is cool.

While the grill is still hot use your scraping tool to remove any built-up food and grease residue left behind from cooking. 

Step 2

Once cool, wet your Kitchen Glove with cool water, and squeeze out any excess.

Step 3

Use the grease side (Sun logo side) of the Kitchen Glove to clean the cooking surface. Use your Kitchen Miracle to dry. 

Step 4

For any particularly tough, burnt-on areas, add more water with your trigger spray bottle and use the bristle side of your Outdoor Glove to lift away debris.

Step 5

Make sure the inside of the barbecue is dry before moving on to the outside. Wet your Outdoor Glove or spray water directly onto the outside of your barbecue.

Simple clean with your Outdoor Glove and dry with your Outdoor Miracle. 

That’s it.

No detergents, just water, and you’re ready to fire up the barbecue and enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

Tips for keeping your barbecue clean without harsh chemicals

1. Make sure your barbecue is cool before you start cleaning.

2. Start by cleaning the cleanest area of your barbecue first, and move on to the dirtier areas last.

3. Use the Outdoor Glove to clean dust and dirt from the outside, and the Kitchen Glove to clean grease and grime from the grill.

4. Make sure you clean your barbecue after each use.

5. Use more water on stubborn stains, or try our natural Marble Paste. An environmentally responsible mild abrasive that helps ENJO fibres lift super stubborn dirt.

5. After cleaning your barbecue, soak your ENJO cleaning products in a bucket of cool, soapy water for 20 minutes before popping in your Laundry Bag to wash as normal.

One final benefit of keeping your barbecue clean without harsh chemicals

You're investing in reusable cleaning products!

This means you can keep your barbecue clean for years to come without needing to buy any new products and without contributing to landfill.

Ready to keep your barbecue clean without chemicals?

ENJO's Kitchen and Outdoor Duos are currently on sale

Not convinced ENJO can clean your barbecue without chemicals?

All ENJO products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, or even better, hold an ENJO Demo and try the products in your own home.



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