9 window-cleaning tips for a professional finish

For streak-free windows that look like they have been cleaned by a professional, follow these top tips 


The secret to clean windows with a professional finish comes down to your tools and some insider know-how.

Once you have the right tools, follow these 9 tips for clean windows with a professional, streak-free finish.  

1. Choose a dry, but not too sunny day to clean your windows


For obvious reasons you don’t want to clean your windows when it’s raining, but you also don’t want to clean them when it’s sunny.

If it’s too sunny, water droplets or cleaning agent start drying on your windows leaving marks and streaks that ruin that professional finish.

Optimal window cleaning conditions call for a dry but cloudy day.

2. Dust window frames and sills first

Clean windows with dirty frames and sills isn’t a good look and will likely cause your windows to get dirtier quicker.

Trap and remove dust and clean sills before you clean your windows.

A Dust Flexi is great for hard to reach corners and ledges (for high or hard to reach windows, attach your Dust Flexi and Multi Tool to ENJO’s Floorcleaner Pole for an extra 1.8m of height).

3. Clean window treatments

When it comes to cleaning the inside of your windows, keep them clean for longer by cleaning any window treatments too.

Dust blinds and curtain poles before you get started with ENJO’s dust-busting range for a healthier way to dust your home. 

4. Clean the inside of your windows first


When it comes to cleaning windows start with the cleanest areas first, this usually means starting with the inside and making your way outdoors.

This is especially important when cleaning sustainably with reusable cleaning products like ENJO, this way you’ll minimise waste and get the best finish.

5. Keep a swift pace


Cleaning quickly is something ENJO products do easily – and it’s important when it comes to achieving that crystal clear finish.

Taking too much time when cleaning your windows allows time for water or chemicals to start drying and leaving behind unsightly watermarks and residue.

6. Clean from top to bottom


This is a cleaning mistake you shouldn’t make when cleaning any area of your home.

Starting at the bottom means that by the time you get to the top, you could be creating more mess where you’ve just cleaned.

Start at the top and make sure that you’re cleaning up every bit of dirt as you go.   

7. Use fibre technology

Use fibre technology.

Cleaning with chemicals creates suds and a residue that needs rinsing or buffing out.

Cleaning your windows without chemicals not only offers a streak-free, residue-free finish – it comes with heaps of benefits that are good for you, your home and the environment.

8. Dry your blade as you go

Windows that have been professionally cleaned have zero streaks, smudges or drip marks.

To achieve this yourself, dry your blade as you clean to prevent drips and watermarks.

9. Dry your windows with a super-absorbent cloth


The secret to a professional finish is ensuring every possible drip or streak is taken care of.

ENJO’s super-absorbent Outdoor Miracle is the perfect tool for drying and buffing out those marks for a crystal-clear finish. 

Can you really get a professional window clean without harsh chemicals?


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Mary Smith
05 Mar 2020
Can I use the handle from my Enjo floor cleaner to attach to my window cleaner? If so, how do I detach/attach it?
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