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9 benefits of an ENJO-clean floor

There's more than one reason why the ENJO Floorcleaner is our best-selling product... read this post to discover them all


Keeping your floors clean is a never-ending task.

There are things you can do to try to keep your floors clean for longer, but ultimately, you want to find the right tools to keep your floors clean with minimal fuss.

How cleaning your floors with ENJO works

Cleaning your floors with ENJO couldn’t be easier.

Choose the reusable Floor Fibre that best suits the floors in your home, grab your ENJO Floorcleaner and you’re ready to go.

How it works

To keep your floors clean with ENJO all you need to do is add water to the fibre or directly to the floor.

The one-of-a-kind fibre technology loosens, lifts and traps the dirt and grime from your floors.

Get stuck on a tough stain, simply add water directly to the spot with your Trigger Spray Bottle, let it sit and then come back to it.

You ENJO Floor Fibre will keep the floors in your home clean for 3 years.

9 benefits of an ENJO-clean floor


In addition to being super simple and effective, here are the other benefits you’ll reap by cleaning your floors with ENJO.

1. You save yourself time


Cleaning your floors with ENJO saves time.

It’s true, take away the bucket and take away the detergent and see how quickly you’ll glide across your floors.

Using a spray bottle and quality, durable fibres also means your floors will never be super wet, just super clean.

This means no waiting around for floors to dry (and no accidental footprints).

2. You clean with a fibre that suits your floors

Fibre technology not only works, but it’s also more effective.

Traditional mops don’t consider the type of floor you’re cleaning, and only part of the long dangly mop strands hits the floor as you clean.

ENJO Fibres are unique, they are 100-times finer than a single human hair, and each fibre has a unique wedge shape that helps loosen and lift dirt.


The fibre range is designed to clean different floor types from high-shine to matte finish. 

Thanks to the clever design of the Floorcleaner, every single fibre is in direct contact with the floor for a more efficient clean.

There's even a Floor Fibre designed to keep your outdoor areas clean! 

3. You say goodbye to chemicals

We understand that using chemicals to clean your home has become the norm, but it doesn’t have to be.

Chemicals impact your home's indoor air quality can leave behind a sticky residue or sheen that transfers onto feet and paws.

Using the ENJO Floorcleaner is a healthier way to keep your floors clean that works.

4. It’s a cleaner way to clean


If you clean your home with a traditional mop and bucket, how often do you clean your mop head? How long since you last replaced your mop head?

Unless properly cleaned after use, bacteria and mould can start growing within the fibres that come into contact with the floors in your home next time you go to clean.

ENJO fibres are reusable, designed to last and are a more sanitary way to clean your floors.  

After each use, you pop the floor fibre into the ENJO Laundry Bag provided and wash with detergent between 40-60°C.

5. It’s a great way to save water


Choosing fibre technology to clean your floors over chemicals is not only safer, but it’s also greener.

You need minimal water, no rinsing is required and no chemical residue goes down the drain.

6. You'll reduce your household waste


ENJO’s Floor Fibre range is super durable and long-lasting, simply fill up a small amount of water in your Trigger Spray Bottle to clean – one purchase for 3 years’ worth of clean floors.

Cleaning with ENJO means less cleaning "stuff" in general.

No detergent bottles, no replacement mop heads. After each clean with ENJO, pop your fibres in the wash, dry and repeat.

Making the switch to an ENJOpure Home is a great way to reduce your household waste significantly over 3 years.

7. No lifting, bending or stretching 

Cleaning your floors with a mop and bucket requires a lot of lifting - picking up your bucket, moving furniture out of the way – it’s a time-consuming exercise.

Not only does the ENJO Floorcleaner remove the bucket from your floor cleaning situation, but it’s also ergonomically designed, meaning you can clean under tables and sofas without bending or moving furniture out of the way.

The Floorcleaner Pole is adjustable too, to ensure everyone can achieve a comfortable clean. 

You can even clean your walls and ceilings.

8. It's perfect for spills

If your household is prone to spills, this Floorcleaner is for you. The super-absorbent fibres are perfect for mopping up liquids.

Not needing a bucket and being able to stand upright (without leaning on your walls) means you can park your Floorcleaner within reach during mealtimes. 

9. You get a broom and mop in one


Did you know that we compared four dust-cleaning solutions and ENJO's Dust Fibres came out on top? 

ENJO's versatile Floorcleaner means you can sweep up and dust your floors with ENJO's dust-magnet Dust Floor Fibre, then switch straight to the Floor Fibre to mop your floors.   

Want to test run the ENJO Floorcleaner?

Booking a Demo is a great way to try out the ENJO Floorcleaner, get advice on the best floor fibre for your home and potentially get the ENJO Floorcleaner for free as one of the many benefits of hosting a Demo.


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