8 reasons to clean your kitchen without chemicals

Over one million people already clean their kitchen without chemicals, here’s why


If you still clean your kitchen with chemicals, you might be wondering what other options are out there.

The known and unknown effects of cleaning with chemicals means greener cleaning products have become more widely available, but what about removing harsh chemicals entirely?

Moving away from chemicals can be tricky if that’s what you’re used to. When you know how something works, you’re used to the brand, the smell, the final result, why try something new?

Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re missing.

Here are 8 reasons to remove chemicals from your kitchen and introduce a chemical-free clean.

1. It’s super easy, everyone can help clean up


Cleaning, on the whole, isn’t complicated, but cleaning your kitchen with ENJO couldn’t be easier.

Wet, wipe and dry is all you really need to know when it comes to cleaning with fibre technology.

“Easy and effective. Wonderfully impressed with just how easy and efficient these products are when it comes to tackling grime and grease!” - Joanna

No reading instructions, no warning labels and no waiting for chemicals to work before rinsing.

Everything you need to keep your kitchen clean for 3 years is available in the Kitchen Bundle and all you need to do is add water.

2. It’s quick, so you’ll spend less time cleaning

Cleaning your kitchen with ENJO is quick for two reasons. It’s easy (see point 1) and there’s no waiting around for chemicals to kill bacteria and no need to rinse chemical residue from surfaces where you prepare food.

Simply wet, wipe, dry.

“An excellent product. I have been using ENJO for a number of years in my role as a domestic cleaner, and I find ENJO cuts down my work time.” - Tassie

ENJO kitchen fibres physically remove dirt and bacteria from surfaces by trapping it within the weave, and drying the surface with the super absorbent Kitchen Miracle keeps bacteria at bay for longer. 

3. It’s safe, just add water 


A clean kitchen is important for good health and hygiene, but chemicals and their residue can be toxic or an irritant.

Removing chemicals from your home not only removes any risk associated with the mixing of different chemicals, it means cleaning is safe for the whole family.

4. It’s reusable, so you don’t run out

How often do you find yourself running low on cleaning supplies, adding ‘oven cleaner’ to your shopping list, or using a sponge that’s definitely past its best?

Cleaning without chemicals with the ENJO kitchen bundle means having everything you need to keep your kitchen clean for 3 years.

“Been using ENJO for 15 years now. I have not used kitchen chemicals for 15 years and we are so healthy and happy with them. Best investment. This is only my third glove in all that time!” – DG

Simply wash and dry after use and you’re ready to go again.

5. It's zero waste for the planet

We’re all trying to do our bit for the planet, and reducing household waste is a great way we can all do our bit.

Choosing ENJO cleaning products to clean your kitchen means no disposable waste.

“Great product. Love my ENJO products they are so easy and quick to use I get all my housework done in half the time it used to take and they are environmentally friendly what more could you ask for!” – Myse

Your products arrive in waste-free packaging, they clean your kitchen for 3 years and can be sent back to ENJO HQ for upcycling.

6. It's healthier for your home 


The air inside our homes is already 5-times more polluted than outside air, and poor air quality is linked to the global disease burden.

Chemical cleaning products release VOCs and chemicals into the air, compromising your home’s indoor air quality.

Cleaning your kitchen without chemicals has the added benefit of keeping the air in your home cleaner too.

7. It's effective, great results in less time


Believing water and fibre could work better than chemicals can be hard to get your head around.

Until you try the products in your own home!

“Excellent. I love how the ENJO kitchen cloths can wipe away grease and oil with no additional chemical sprays. So quick and easy to use and leaves my kitchen sparkling” - Shareen

When tested, ENJO Kitchen Fibres have been shown to leave surfaces cleaner than antibacterial wipes and chemical sprays.

Still need convincing – check out some before and afters.

8. There's no risk, with a money-back guarantee


Changing your cleaning habits can be hard, it involves taking a risk on something new and potentially not liking it.

We want people to feel comfortable in trying a new cleaning routine that’s good for your home, health and planet with a money-back guarantee.

If cleaning your kitchen with ENJO isn’t right for you, you can simply contact the Customer Care team within 30 days to arrange your return. 

Ready to give chemical-free a try?


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