7 low-effort tips for a dust-free home

Want to spend less time cleaning-up dust? Here are 7 really easy ways to minimise dust in your home

Bright living room setting, buffet cupboard in background, couch to right. The main focus of the image is a ginger cat in a cat bed shaped like a house surrounded by three green plants in white pots. 

Dust is an issue, it’s always accumulating and it has a negative effect on our home’s indoor air quality

Where does dust come from?

Image shows a dark wood table covered in dust. A lady has wiped her finger across the table and is showing the dust on her finger.

Most people think dust is dead skins cells, when in fact most of the dust in our homes comes in from outside and is a mix of airborne particles like pollen and soot.

This makes dust a real issue for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Why is dust so tricky to clean?

A picture of light coming through a doorway. The light streaming through the doorway highlights lots of airborne dust particles.

Dust is so difficult to clean because it becomes airborne so easily.

With the wrong dusting tools you can end up kicking-up more dust than you clean up, and once dust is flying through the air it's impossible to clean.

Before you know it the dust has resettled and you’re back to square one.

What is the best way to clean dust?

Very close up image of ENJO's bright orange fluffy Dust Fibre with dark orange vertical stripes

Fortunately, dust is only difficult to clean if you have the wrong tools.

There is a way to dust your home that’s proven to be better and healthier, and it comes down to fibre technology. 

ENJO Fibres are microscopic, 100-times finer than a human hair. When the fibres pass across a surface they create a static charge that attracts dust like a magnet.

Overhead image with ENJO Floorcleaner to the left-hand side of the image, a dust-covered orange ENJO Dust Floor Fibre in the middle, and a clean orange ENJO Dust Floor Fibre to the right-hand side. 

The unique weave traps and holds on to the dust preventing dust and hair from moving around the room during the cleaning process.

How do you keep your home dust-free in between cleans when the dust is building? Here are 7 ways to help minimise the build-up and keep dust at bay for longer. 

7 super easy ways to keep your home dust-free in between cleans

Image shows a coffee table with potted plant, coffee cup and other decorative objects. A lady's arm is visible dusting the coffee table with the ENJO Dust Glove

1. Buy a quality doormat

Overhead image of a jute doormat that has 'hello' written in script font. A pair of shoes can be seen from the bottom of the image partially treading on the doormat.

Two-thirds of the dust in our homes comes in from outside, adding a doormat to your home is an easy way to keep your floors clean for longer, detox your home and prevent dust building up in between cleans.

2. Brush pets regularly (and do it outside)

Overhead image on the left-hand side a ginger and white cat is facing the right and is pawing a black french bulldog who is on the  right-hand side facing left and pawing the cat. Both are lying on a white fluffy background.

If you have pets your home is going to gather dust faster. Brush your dogs and cat often and do it outside to help minimise shedding indoors which just adds to the dust accumulation. If you have a dog, follow these tips for a clean and comfortable home.

3. Avoid furniture polish and feather dusters

Image of white woman with long dark hair bending down to clean dust from a wooden buffet with the orange ENJO Dust Glove.

It might bring an immediate shine to your coffee table, but furniture polish actually attracts dust and you’ll notice dust build-ups much faster. Most dusters don’t actually trap and remove dust (see our dust test for proof) they just move dust around your home. Choose a chemical-free way to bring a shine to your furniture and invest in ENJO’s dust-magnet dusting fibres to remove dust. 

4. Use a lint roller on lampshades

Image of modern, white living area with grey couch, wooden floor lamp with grey lampshade and wooden table with white table top and white chairs.

Lampshades and light fittings literally shine a light on the dust in your home. Use a lint roller or Lint Glove to remove dust quickly and easily from lamps and lighting. 

5. Clean your ceiling fan

Image looks up to a white ceiling with a wooden ceiling fan with chrome fittings and pull cords.

Ceiling fans collect dust – especially if they haven’t been used in a while. Using an old pillowcase to remove dust from ceiling fans is a great way to clean dust without getting dust everywhere. Simply place the fan blade into the opening of the pillowcase, then drag the pillowcase towards you. The dust from the fan goes straight into the pillowcase – clean and clever!

6. Dust from top to bottom

Image of white woman with blond hair dusting a black and bronze light fitting with an orange ENJO Dust Flexi  

Don’t make the cleaning mistake of dusting your floors before you’ve dusted light fittings, ceiling fans and picture rails. Dusting from the top to the bottom of your home will ensure you’re effectively removing as much dust as possible.

7. Dust-bust your floors daily

Image of dark wood floors being cleaned with the yellow and black ENJO Floorcleaner with the orange ENJO Dust Floor Fibre attached.

Dusting your floors every day might not sound like a low-effort dust solution, but the Dust Floor Fibre means you’ll spend no more than the time it takes to make a cup of tea zipping over the hard floors in your home. Designed to lift, trap and physically remove dust and hair with minimal effort, we put the dust floor fibre to the test and proved it’s the best way to pick up dust.


Read more about how ENJO’s dust fibres work, shop now or enjoy all the benefits of holding a Demo and see ENJO’s dust range in action in your own home.




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