6 reasons why this is the greenest way to clean your kitchen

The most eco way to clean your kitchen just so happens to be good for you too, read this post to find out why

Using a chemical spray and wipe method for cleaning your kitchen has been the way to clean for a while, but did you know there’s a way to clean your kitchen that’s both eco and effective?

If you’re interested in a clean kitchen that helps protect the environment and your health, here are 6 reasons why switching to the ENJO Kitchen Bundle is for you… and we’ll let you in on a secret, you could get the ENJO Kitchen Bundle for free*.


The ENJO Kitchen Bundle…


1. Protects our waterways

Cleaning with the ENJO’s kitchen fibre range means cleaning without harsh chemicals. Research shows us that chemicals have an impact on our environment. Switching to the ENJO kitchen cleaning system replaces chemical detergents with fibre technology and water, which means no chemical wastewater going down the drain and into the environment.

2. Reduces water use

Water is a precious resource and reducing our water waste at home is important. Around 80% of the water we use at home is wasted1, and by switching to ENJO you’ll be reducing household water waste. Simply fill your 500ml Trigger Spray Bottle and spray water to clean as you go. The patented fibre technology works to effectively loosen, lift and trap dirt, and if you hit a particularly dirty spot, simply spray a little more. You’ll be surprised at how little water you need.

3. Improves indoor air quality

Clean fresh air is important for our health and well-being, but studies have shown that the air inside your home is around five times more polluted than the air outside2, which makes finding ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality beneficial to both your home and the environment (adding plants and opening your windows will help). Chemical cleaning products will leave a chemical residue and contribute to air pollution, cleaning with water and fibre technology is a great alternative.

4. Prevents household waste

Reducing your household waste and living more sustainably is a great starting point for making a positive impact on the planet. ENJO cleaning products are reusable, which means they are extremely durable and made to last, helping reduce your household waste by eliminating disposable cloths, sponges and chemicals plus the packaging and disposable bottles that come with them. Simply wash and reuse your kitchen fibres for a clean kitchen for 3 years.

5. Has a small carbon footprint

A greener way to clean means considering how your green products are made too. ENJO is a big brand with a small footprint. Green electricity is used to power production, 100% of waste is recycled or upcycled, the company is ISO certified, sources locally and delivers 70% of products via environmentally-friendly methods. Taking their responsibility to the planet seriously, ENJO International offset any carbon emissions by supporting reforestation projects in Nicaragua and are proud to be 100% carbon neutral.

6. Is upcycled

If you’re wondering… wouldn’t my ENJO floor fibre end up in a landfill eventually? We’re proud to say no. ENJO strive for zero waste process with their cleaning products, so after their useful cleaning life, you can send your products back to ENJO HQ where they are upcycled into home insulation or car seats. 

Want the ENJO Kitchen Bundle for free*?

If a greener way to clean appeals to you, you need to see ENJO’s fibre technology in action!

Hold an ENJO Demo and you can start cleaning more consciously and receive an ENJO Kitchen Bundle for free*. 


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