5 reasons why savvy shoppers are holding Digital Demos

Smart shoppers are making the switch to reusable cleaning supplies by holding a Digital Demo, and with good reason


Social distancing and self-isolating are going to be the new normal for a while.

During these uncertain times, there are two things we can be sure of, we’re going to be spending more time at home and looking to save money where we can.

Spending time at home naturally means our homes get dirty faster.

This, in turn, means using up your cleaning supplies more quickly and needing to replace them more frequently.

This means leaving the house, something we want to avoid right now.

Introducing the Digital Demo.

What is a Digital Demo?


It’s a way for you and your friends and family to learn about long-lasting, chemical-free cleaning supplies online by being put in touch with an ENJO expert.

Since launching the Digital Demo we’re seeing savvy shoppers make the switch to ENJO cleaning supplies, here’s why.

1. You buy cleaning supplies that last 3 years


ENJO cleaning supplies are reusable for three whole years.

Not only does this have an amazing impact on the environment, but it also means that once you choose to clean with ENJO, you don’t need to buy cleaning supplies for years.

As keeping your home clean and staying home are important right now, there couldn’t be a better time to choose long-lasting, reusable cleaning supplies.

2. You stay home while supporting local business 


We know that staying home helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 and that this saves lives.

Sadly, we also know many businesses are suffering because of this.

Now is the time to support local business, if you can.

ENJO Business owners have adapted their business so that they can continue to share chemical-free, long-lasting cleaning supplies and earn an income from home.

By holding a Digital Demo you'll be put in touch with a business owner local to you which means you will be supporting your local economy. 

3. You save money, enjoy discounted products + exclusive rewards


Cleaning with long-lasting products offers great value in the long-term.

For example, replacing your entire cleaning routine (that’s kitchen, bathroom, living areas, floor and window cleaning supplies) with ENJO costs less than $5.20 per week.

Choosing to host a Demo means you get free products, discounted prices and an exclusive Digital Demo host reward too.

If you’ve ever thought about holding an ENJO Demo now is the time to take advantage of extra savings.

4. Your cleaning supplies are delivered 


Right now, minimising contact with people is what we all need to do.

If you can stay home you should stay at home.

Holding a Digital Demo means you place your order by our eDemo online ordering platform and your products are delivered directly to your door.

Our warehouse in WA is following government recommendations and implementing strict hygiene protocols to protect our warehouse staff, distributors and customers.

It’s important to remember that all ENJO cleaning product should be washed before first use too.

5. You can join the Digital Demo in your own time


It can be tricky to find a time when everyone is free to come to your Demo.

If you have this problem a Digital Demo is for you.

Our business owners tailor their Digital Demo content for you and your guests to make sure you’re learning about the products you’re most interested in.

This personalised content is uploaded over the course of a week and is live and available for you to drop in and check out in your own time.

Leave comments and ask questions when you have a spare minute and come back later to get your answers.

Holding an ENJO Demo is the perfect way to learn about the benefits of cleaning your home without chemicals.

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