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  • 21 Jun 2019
20 little things you (probably) didn’t know about cleaning with ENJO

Replacing chemicals with fibre cleaning products, what else is there to know about cleaning with ENJO? Read on to find out


Have you thought about switching to cleaning with ENJO but you aren’t really sure what would actually change about your cleaning routine?

You might think cleaning with ENJO means cleaning without chemicals and not much else, but we’re pleased to say it actually means much more for both your home and the planet.

Whether you’re a chemical-free cleaner or an ENJO-sceptic, here are 20 little things you (probably) didn’t know about ENJO that might surprise you.


1. ENJO was developed because of an oil spill

In 1985 innovative entrepreneur Friedrich Engl observed the devastating effects of an oil spill at Lake Constance. He wanted to find a way to clean up the oil that didn’t involve aggressive cleaning agents that have a negative impact on the environment.

Friedrich attempted to filter oil from water using textiles and in the process, he discovered a way to clean deep into the pores of surfaces and thus, ENJO is born.

2. Cleaning with ENJO means not buying cleaning products for 3 whole years 

Can you imagine not purchasing cleaning products for 3 whole years? ENJO International is founded on decades of textile knowledge, where comprehensive research and testing is carried out to create a range of cleaning products made to last.

Made from the finest, Oeko-Tex certified raw materials, before ENJO products are made the fibres must adhere to strict quality guidelines where technical data and fibre performance is tested in both unwashed and washed textiles.

Once the products are made, each fibre undergoes individual quality checks. The extremely high-quality materials and manufacturing techniques make ENJO products highly durable and long-lasting, and mean no shopping for cleaning supplies for years.

3. ENJO cleans *without* killing bacteria


There’s a common misconception that we need to live in a bacteria-free environment and killing bacteria with harsh chemicals is the only way to do it. ENJO deals with bacteria differently, the ultra-fine fibres physically lift, trap and remove bacteria along with dirt from the surface. By drying the ENJO-clean, bacteria-free surface with the super-absorbent ENJO Miracle, you’ll prevent bacteria growing as they don’t grow well on clean, dry surfaces. Job done without a single harsh chemical and no chemical residue. 

4. ENJO HQ has been carbon neutral since 2015


In 2015, ENJO International signed the Climate Neutral Alliance and has been 100% climate neutral since September 2015. Green energy is used to power production and excess emissions are offset by a reforestation project in Nicaragua for zero emissions cleaning production.

5. ENJO Australia is 25 years old

Barb de Corti, Founder and CEO of ENJO Australia was wowed by the cleaning power and health benefits of ENJO on a family holiday to Austria. She brought the products to Australia and it’s been 25 years since she started selling chemical-free cleaning products from her garage in Perth.  

6. ENJO fibres are 100-times finer than a single human hair

ENJO Fibres are superfine (100-times finer than a human hair), and each superfine fibre is wedged shape for optimal loosening and lifting of dirt and bacteria. The way ENJO weave their fibres is patented, meaning it’s completely unique, and each product has a slightly different composition of fibres and a slightly different weave to suit the cleaning surface and purpose.

7. You can buy ENJO in 26 countries (but not from a single shop)

That’s right, ENJO is sold across the world by individual business owners who recognise the health and environmental benefits of cleaning chemical-free. To offer an opportunity that allows people to start their own flexible business earning commission on the sale of ENJO products means ENJO isn’t available in the shops. Demos are also the best way to see ENJO in action and learn an entirely new way to clean.

8. Products are handmade in the 'Silicon Valley' of textile innovation

ENJO’s unique fibre was discovered in Vorarlberg, Austria and that’s where ENJO products continue to be produced today. Why? Vorarlberg is the home of textile innovation with over 200 companies in the area belonging to the textile industry and the production of smart textiles.

Even though ENJO products harness smart textile technology, each product is still lovingly hand sewn by expert seamstresses who have years of experience producing the products in ENJO’s headquarters in Austria.

9. ENJO products have a money back guarantee

Maybe you’ve been thinking about making the switch to chemical-free cleaning but have doubts about ENJO’s effectiveness. ENJO offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try ENJO before you buy and if it’s not what you’re after – you can return your products and keep searching for your eco-cleaning alternative. We also offer Afterpay and zip pay options so you can clean now and pay later. 

10. ENJO fibres are unique

ENJO fibres aren’t like any other fibre cleaning products on the market, the technology woven into every fibre is patented, meaning we offer an unparalleled clean unlike any other product on the market.

11. An ENJO Bundle plants a native tree to offset carbon

Every day we all do little things that over time have big consequences for the world around us, it’s time to recognise that the little things matter. To help minimise ENJO’s impact on the environment further, we're planting a tree with the CNCF for every customer who chooses to make a change to a sustainable cleaning routine by purchasing an ENJO Bundle. For a cleaner home and cleaner air.

12. ENJO upcycle old products to prevent landfill waste 

It’s true, ENJO is all about reducing waste when it comes to cleaning and we need our customers help to do it! If you have old ENJO Fibres that need replacing, don’t throw them out, simply contact your local ENJOpreneur or ENJO HQ who will arrange the collection of your old products. When we have enough stored up, they head back to Austria for upcycling into car seats or home insulation.

13. Choosing ENJO supports local business 

Did you know that you can’t purchase ENJO by traditional retail methods? This is because the ENJO Business model is designed to support independent business owners who sell ENJO to earn commission on sales. The best way to buy ENJO is to contact ENJO who will put you in touch with a local business owner. 

14. ENJO reduces your household waste

Waste is a huge problem in Australia. Did you know that if every household in Australia replaced a monthly disposable spray and wipe cleaning product with one ENJO Glove and Miracle, that over 3 years we could collectively prevent over 331,200,000 plastic bottles from Australian landfills? Reusable cleaning products mean less plastic waste for the future.

15. Holding a Demo only takes 1 hour (and means free ENJO)

You can learn all there is to know about chemical-free cleaning, actually see ENJO working in your own home, support an independent business owner and get your hands on 3 years’ worth of cleaning products (some of them for free) all in one hour, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. 

16. ENJO improves your home’s indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is important, studies have shown that indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air, and spraying chemicals isn’t going to help the situation. There are plenty of ways you can improve your home’s indoor air quality (and ENJO is one of them).

17. Kitchen fibres remove food and microbial-related residue from raw chicken more effectively than chemicals

We’ve put our cleaning products to the test so many times (even comparing the cleaning-up of raw chicken from kitchen surfaces) and ENJO offers a superior clean every time and leaves behind no chemical residue.

18. Investing in ENJO saves you money

If you invest in the ENJOpure Bundle to clean your entire home with ENJO, over three years you could save up to $3,116.07 spent on traditional cleaning products. Think about how much you spend on cleaning products for your entire home in a year, times it by three and compare the figure to the price of the ENJOpure Bundle, you might be surprised at how much you could save.

19. ENJO's best-selling product is 27 years old

Developed in 1992 the ENJO Floorcleaner is our hero product (for so many reasons), helping people around the world clean their floors quickly and without chemicals for 27 years. Unlike other floor cleaning systems, ENJO developed a range of specially designed floor fibres to suit a variety of different floors. For streak-free floors without a single harsh chemical simply find the right floor fibre for your home

20. ENJO is a brand that gives back

Understanding and working towards minimising our impact on the environment is important, which is why we’re actively seeking new ways to make a positive difference supporting important initiatives like Clean Up Australia Day and the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. With support, we hope that we can help make long-lasting positive changes to the environment.


How many little things did you already know about ENJO? Want to chat all things ENJO and make the switch to a sustainable cleaning routine? Complete the form below and we'll be in touch.  


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