10 reasons why a demo is the best way to buy ENJO

ENJO Australia is 27 years old, and we're wondering... have you held an ENJO demo yet?


If you use ENJO to clean your home you’ll know there are so many benefits to cleaning with ENJO, but did you know there are just as many benefits to buying your ENJO products at a demo?

Firstly, what is a demo?

A demo is your opportunity to see ENJO in action, in your own home or online (via our Digital Demos) with the advice and guidance of an ENJO expert. Simply gather a few friends together and an ENJO Business owner will show you how ENJO works and offer personalised advice on using ENJO in your home.

What are the benefits of holding a demo?

Holding a demo is the best way to buy ENJO and enjoy all the benefits of chemical-free cleaning for years to come.

1. Great savings + free products


Quite simply, holding a demo means paying less for your cleaning products*. Why? ENJO reward customers who support independent ENJO business owner by holding a demo.

By holding a demo you can get a whole cleaning set for a room in your home for free, half-price products and extra ENJO money to spend*. Plus, once you’ve got your ENJO cleaning kit, you won’t need to buy supplies for 3 whole years.

2. Watch ENJO in action


Cleaning without chemicals, how does it work? The answer is patented fibre technology, but seeing is the best way to understand how ENJO actually works (and to believe it). Hold a demo to see ENJO working in your own home, you can even test the products yourself and your home gets clean in the process.

3. Learn how to use the products effectively


Cleaning effectively is important, and cleaning with ENJO is both effective and quick! Once you learn the tips and tricks from the ENJO experts, you’ll be speeding through your cleaning routine and spending more time doing the things you love. Plus, you can find out more about our unique fibres and how they work.

4. Find out all the benefits of cleaning with ENJO


So we’ve already covered that cleaning with ENJO is quick and more effective, it’s also safer, sustainable, the list goes on. Hold a demo and you’ll find out how else your home and family will benefit from chemical-free cleaning.

5. Discover how choosing ENJO makes a positive impact


Choosing to clean with ENJO means so much more than cleaning differently, you’ll be making a positive impact on your home and the planet. Did you know that by cleaning with ENJO you’ll be improving your homes indoor air quality? Did you know ENJO products are made at a carbon-neutral headquarters? Cleaning with ENJO also helps reduce water use, prevents chemical wastewater and helps reduce your household waste output. The products are also zero waste, ask all about it at your demo.

6. Save yourself a heap of time


An ENJO demo is quick, usually about an hour of your time and after your demo, you don’t need to shop for cleaning products for another 3 years – saving you bags of time.

7. Stay comfy + stay home



Holding a demo is the perfect balance between shopping online, physically going shopping and having a personal shopper. You get to stay home (on the couch if you wish) and browse the products as if online shopping, but then you get to physically see and hold the products while receiving amazing customer service.

8. Catch up with friends + family



Life’s busy, but surely your friends and family need to know about a better way to clean too? Holding a demo is a great way to get everyone together, spend an hour learning about cleaning without chemicals and then enjoy the rest of your afternoon in good company with good food.

9. Ask all the questions



With any new product, it’s natural to have questions, and holding a demo is a great way to get answers. What are ENJO products made of? How are they made? What does zero-waste mean? How can I get this stain out of my carpet? What cleans high-shine tiles best? All great questions, and you’ll get the answers in real-time.

10. Support a local business owner



Holding an ENJO demo means supporting a local business owner, someone who has invested in a product they believe in and is making a difference by spreading the ENJO message. Supporting a local ENJO business owner also means supporting your local economy and you’ll receive continued support, personalised service and expert advice relating to your home's cleaning needs.

If you've held an ENJO demo, let us know your experience in the comments below. If you're interested in seeing ENJO in action and reaping the rewards, get in contact with us!

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