Our business owners choose their own path to create a consistent business that truly works for them.


How running an ENJO Business works

Running an ENJO Business is about introducing a smart, healthier way to clean to households in your local area.

You'll work closely with your Team Leader to launch your business with your first ever Demo, and from there, you'll start building a network of Customers.

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You work, you earn

You can earn commission selling ENJO products in three ways.


You arrange a time to visit your host's home and demonstrate how cleaning with ENJO works to the host and a minimum of 2 guests. Take orders via our eDemo ordering system and your host will receive generous rewards.

Personal Demos

Offer a personal Demo experience at your Customer's home and take orders via our eDemo ordering system.


Once a Customer starts their ENJOpure Journey supporting your business, they become part of your database. This means whenever they require products, you'll receive the commission when they place their order online.

Built in benefits

Minimal paperwork and ENJO HQ arrange the processing and delivery of your Customer's orders and automatically calculate your commission.

You'll steadily build a Customer database that you can offer great service and earn commission on every purchase.

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Skills for the job

ENJO Business owners are multi-talented, possess a diverse range of skills and all incorporate ENJO into their lives in different ways.

There's no one-size-fits-all but most ENJO Business owners
tend to...

Enjoy meeting people and are happy talking to small groups.
Have a natural flare for helping people and offering great Customer care.
Be passionate about ENJO products and the value they add to people's lives.
Take pleasure in multi-tasking, organising and a job well-done.
Love learning new skills and making a positive difference.

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