Starting an ENJO Business should be an exciting and rewarding experience, which is why we like to make sure potential new business owners have all their questions answered before they get started.

5 steps to getting started

Get in touch with ENJO HQ

Complete the contact form to get started. You'll speak to a member of the team who will give you an overview of the business and answer all your questions. If you like what you hear and want to learn more, we will arrange for an ENJO Business owner to get in touch.


Chat with an ENJO Business owner

This is a great opportunity to start making connections and get a real understanding of the ENJO Business opportunity from someone already running a successful business.


Business application

If all your questions have been answered and you're excited to take the next step, you'll be asked to complete a business application. Once this is processed you'll receive your business kit and online access to our award-winning Business Hub.


Training begins

We have a tried and tested training process that involves a mix of one-on-one practical training sessions with a Senior Team Leader, online lessons and the planning of your business launch.


You launch your business

Your business launch is an exciting first step where you'll hold your very first ENJO Demo. You'll have the support of a Senior Team Leader to ensure it's a great success.

After your business launch the following 30, 60 and 90 day milestones of your business are mapped-out with a Senior Team Leader to ensure you're building a sustainable and successful business that suits your needs.


Your business kit

The ENJO Business kit includes everything you need to launch and run a successful business.


— Demo and display products
— Product manual
— Sales and marketing tools
— Stationery
— Award-winning online training

valued at $2,669

Are you ENJOpure?

ENJOpure Customers benefit from ENJOpure discount of 15% off the ENJO Business Kit.

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Business Builder Kit: 2x Bathroom Glove, 2x Bathroom Miracle, 1x Bathroom Mini, 1x Bathroom Sponge, 1x 20cm Indoor Fibre for Window Cleaner, 2x Kitchen Glove, 2x Kitchen Miracle, 1x Kitchen Mini, 1x Kitchen Sponge, 1x Allpurpose Cloth, 1x Window Cleaner Base w Grip, 1x 32cm Extension Pair for Window Cleaner, 1x Channel / Rubber Blade 20cm, 1x Channel / Rubber Blade 32cm, 1x Calcium Dissolver 300ml, 1x Marble Paste 500g, 1x Leather & Wood Balm 240ml, 2x Dust Glove, 1x Fabric Glove, 2x Indoor Miracle, 1x Polishing Cloth, 2x Shine Floor Fibre, 1x Floorcleaner Head, 1x Telescopic Pole (1-1.8m), 2x Matte Floor Fibre, 2x Dust Floor Fibre, 1x Car Glove, 1x Outdoor Miracle, 1x Car Miracle, 1x 32cm Outdoor Fibre for Window Cleaner, 1x Natural Helpers Sampler Collection with Pumps, ENJO Stationery, ENJOpreneur Business Kit Bag, ENJOpreneur Business Kit Bag Satchel, Wet Bag, ENJOpreneur Name Badge, ENJO Table Cloth Black.



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