Working 9-5 isn't always an option, flexibility opens up possibility.

We passionately believe that with the right support everyone has it in them to create a business that works for them, and for 27 years over 10,000 Australians have done just that.

So much more than clever cleaning products.

Products with a purpose
Products with a purpose
Create positive, long-lasting change in your local community.
Flexible income
Flexible income
The freedom to earn an income and build a business to fit your lifestyle.
Independence + support
Independence + support
Work your business in a way that suits your individuality with all the support from a global community.
Training + development
Training + development
Unlock your potential and build something you're proud of with award-winning training.
Quality that cares
Quality that cares
Quality, durable cleaning products that do so much good for our homes, our health and the planet.

You’ll be able to create a business which works for you (rather than the other way around) and love what you do! You’ll even be able to choose how you earn your income, with multiple revenue streams, including:

Demo | Demonstrate the benefits of ENJO to a group of people or one-on-one, either in-person or digitally.

Online/Social | Earn commission on sales when your Customers shop online.

One-on-one service | Provide a personal service for your existing Customers, sharing our offers using marketing material we create for you.


Tell us what you love, and we’ll show you how you can do it.
Create positive change
Work in a team
Try something new
Earn a great income
Training and development
Meet new people
Enjoy work-life balance
Manage and lead people

Fiona Edwards: The life of a full-time ENJO Business owner.
Natasha Adamson: The life of a part-time ENJOpreneur
The Life of an ENJOpreneur

”I was truly blown away with how amazing ENJO worked in my home.“
Bri Petros
Senior Team Leader
”ENJO has given me the confidence to believe in myself“
Fiona Edwards

Can I start right away?

If you’re already using ENJO and attended a Demo in the last 6 months and you’re ready to get started you can complete the contact form on the contact page. Following a call with ENJO HQ and a like-minded business owner, if you’re keen to get started you will be asked to complete a business application and should receive your business kit within 2 weeks.

How many hours do I need to work?

Your lifestyle will shape how much time you can devote to your ENJO Business. We find consistency works best for building momentum and enjoying a steady income, but there’s always scope to adjust the amount of time you spend on your business based on your life commitments. 

Can I work the ENJO Business casually?

Yes, you can run an ENJO Business on the side, part time or as a full time business. We recommend trying to build consistency into the type of business you want to run as it helps maintain momentum and generate more success. 

Will I receive training and support?

New ENJO Business owners start their journey with training and mentoring with ENJO HQ and a like-minded business owner. Once your business is up and running the support continues and you’ll find you’re part of a community of business owners who empower, inspires and support one another.

Do I have to store and distribute my own products?

A great perk of becoming an ENJO Business owner is that you don’t have to manage your own stock. You simply input your sales into our eDemo ordering system and ENJO HQ pick, pack and send orders from their WA-based warehouse directly to your Customers.  

What if I have a problem or need to ask a question?

Your Team Leader and our dedicated team at ENJO HQ will always be available to help answer your questions. You’ll also find a wealth of knowledge and support among social platforms with fellow ENJO Business owners.

Do I need sales experience to start an ENJO Business?

A genuine love for ENJO products and passion for making a difference is a really important first step if you’re considering an ENJO Business. No prior sales experience is required, however, we do recommend using ENJO in your own home and hosting your own Demo before taking the step to business owner. If you can’t stop talking about the benefits of chemical-free cleaning, an ENJO Business is probably right for you.

Do I have to achieve sales targets?

We recommend setting yourself goals to help build consistency and momentum in your business. These goals are set by you, for you, and can be amended at any time to suit your situation. There’s a minimum activity level requirement to keep your business active, however, this is extremely achievable.    

How much money can I earn?

Your lifestyle shapes how much time you can dedicate to your ENJO Business, and how much time you spend will shape your income. ENJO Business owners earn between 20-41% commissions on sales, including sales made online by your Customers. For real-life earning examples for new business owners who work their business full time, part time and as a side hustle see ‘earning potential’ and download the brochure.

How do I find Customers?

Your business launch really gets the ball rolling and helps build a network of Customers you can offer great service. We offer so many great benefits and incentives for Customers who hold a Demo and find that most business owners find new Demo Customers at each Demo. ENJO HQ also allocate new online Customers to local business owners and offer a whole host of training and development skills to ensure you can keep building your business.   

How do I get started?

Let ENJO HQ know you’re interested and we’ll be in touch. You can let us know by completing the online form. At this stage we’ll endeavour to answer all your questions and if you like what you’re hearing we will put you in touch with a like-minded business owner. Once you’re ready to start your ENJO journey we’ll arrange the purchase of your business kit and you’ll start training and working towards your business launch with the support of a fellow business owner. Following your launch, you’ll continue to work closely with ENJO HQ and your Senior Team Leader to complete 30, 60 and 90 day milestones designed to help set your business up for success.  

How much does an ENJO Business cost?

The ENJO Business kit includes all of your ENJO Demo and display products, manuals, sales tools, stationery and access to our award-winning online training portal for $699. 

Are there additional costs on top of the ENJO Business kit?

Your business kit has everything you need to successfully hold ENJO Demos and build a Customer database. 

Can I take a break from my ENJO Business?

Building a consistent business is a great way to keep momentum and offer great service to your Customers, however, life and holidays happen! If you’re looking to take a break from your business simply let ENJO HQ know and we can help manage your Customers while you’re away. 

Do I need to build a team?

We’ve created such a strong community of like-minded individuals, and that’s because most ENJO Business owners we’re inspired to start their own ENJO Business by a fellow business owner. Sharing the ENJO Business opportunity tends to happen organically, there’s no obligation to recruit or build a team but there are great rewards if you do. 

Is ENJO a pyramid scheme?

Direct selling companies and pyramid schemes often get confused, here are a few key differences. Pyramid schemes don’t generate money from the sale of goods and services, they rely on business owners persuading people to join the company. They have a high joining fee and promise high income for very little effort. Pyramid schemes are actually illegal and don’t last long because they aren’t sustainable. ENJO is a member of the Direct Selling Association and has been offering the ENJO Business opportunity for 25 years. It’s a sustainable business model where business owners generate their own income from the sale of ENJO products. 



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