WHAT does an enjopreneur do?


A one-on-one demonstration tailored to the Customer's needs. Whether they want to take it one room at a time or the whole house, you've got it covered.


Demonstrate ENJO to a number of guests and outline the ENJO benefits. There are Host Rewards and promotions on offer, the commission is your oyster*.


Earn while you sleep: Our online shop is open 24/7 and is ideal for repeat Customers. If your Customers place an order online, you'll receive the commission.



Sell a brand, lifestyle and product you love and earn between 20 and 41% commission on sales including online sales.


Be rewarded with free products and perks, including amazing interstate and international holidays.


Enjoy the support of an established Australian-loved brand while working your business your way.


Fit your business into your lifestyle; full-time, part-time or during the holidays, the hours are up to you.

Low upfront investment

A small investment gives you everything you need to start working and earning right away.

Dedicated marketing team

A dedicated Marketing Team at ENJO HQ help you identify new Customers and drive sales.

Online office

ENJO HQ help maximise sales by sending your very own personalised Customer database emails.


Learn while you earn with our interactive online training portal, for all you need to know to succeed.

Trusted household brand

Be an ambassador for change with a trusted household brand with over 24 years of experience and proven formula for success.


Find all the information you need to know about how to create your own ENJO Business.


what does your ideal business look like?

Use our interactive calculator below to see the potential!


monthly total

Number of Demos

Average sales per Demo


Total Demo sales

Number of Outside Orders

Average sales per Outside Order

$ 160.00

Total sales from Outside Orders

Number of Online Orders

Average sales per Online Order

$ 150.00

Total sales from Online Orders

Total Sales* (Net GST)

Number of Active Recruits


monthly total

Instant commission

Additional Commission

Total income




Do I need to be a salesperson to become an ENJOpreneur?

When we say no experience required, we mean it! You don't need to have any background in sales – we're here to help you turn those natural talents into workable skills to run a killer business. If you're passionate about living a happier, healthier life and want to share this passion with others – ENJO is definitely for you.

How many hours do I need to work?

The great news is there is no ‘need to' at ENJO. Your business is based around your schedule, commitments and desired outcomes. That means you're in charge of how much or how little time you want to invest in your business.
Some ENJOpreneurs have other part or full time employment, so they work their ENJO Business into their spare time spending as little as 3 - 4 hours per week. Others choose to make ENJO a source of full-time income. We make ourselves flexible so you can be too!

How is ENJO different?

We are in the business of changing lives. More than just a pretty fibre, ENJO protects and saves what's most precious to families and their future. We see a future of change – from conventional cleaning to conscious living. With our uniquely innovative cleaning products we can make a real difference to people's lives. We have a mission to give every Australian an opportunity to change their life for good. How can we do that? Easy! By sharing the gift of good living. Currently, almost 1,000 ENJOpreneurs are living a career their mothers could only dream of – and loving it. We're a global company with a $1.46 billion* market opportunity. There's really no better time than now. A revolution is happening – we're expanding our mission and deepening our commitment to spread the impact of a free and clean life. All that's missing is you. *Based on figures in Retail World's Annual Report 2014

What does it mean to be an ENJOpreneur?

As an ENJOpreneur, you represent our range of revolutionary cleaning products by selling them at Demos and via our online store. You also represent healthy living through a conscious change in how we clean our homes and join like-minded people in promoting chemical-free cleaning to Customers. Because you are running your own business, you decide how many hours you want to invest and how much you want to earn. This allows you to create a flexible working environment that fits your lifestyle. 

How much do I need to invest?

When you sign up as an ENJOpreneur, you'll receive a Business Builder Kit, which includes product and stationery to get your business off to a flying start. Plus you'll receive plenty of opportunities to earn free product and take advantage of ENJOpreneur discounts along the way. Start your ENJO Business today by investing in your Business Bulder Kit for $699.

Will I receive training, marketing support, and advice from other ENJOpreneurs?

Absolutely – you're not expected to be a salesperson, a tech guru or even good at cleaning! We provide all the training, tools and support that you'll need to run a successful business. When you become an ENJOpreneur you'll receive access to our ENJOpreneur Business Hub to stay on top of your training game and download all the tools you need to keep business thriving. You'll also be assigned to a Senior Team Leader who will ensure you go through the right training. Plus, there will be plenty of opportunity to meet fellow ENJOpreneurs at monthly business development meetings, at training seminars and our annual festivals – the perfect place to meet and connect with other like-minded business owners. If in doubt, you can always call the ENJO Support Office and speak with one of our awesome Customer Care representatives. 

How much can I earn and how much will I get paid? How can online sales help me even more?

This is the beauty of ENJO, you decide how much you want to earn! Work out what you want to achieve and match your efforts to get there. ENJOpreneurs earn 20% instant commission on all sales. If you choose to work towards Senior ENJOpreneur, you can earn up to 21% additional commission. There's an income goal for everyone, from a little extra ‘me money' through to a six-figure full-time income. When you join as an ENJOpreneur, you are instantly set up to receive online commission through Customer purchases made on the ENJO website. Our awesome in-house Marketing Team will direct Customers to the ENJO website to shop up a storm, while your bank balance benefits.
You can also use Facebook and other social sites to showcase new items, promote sales and specials, and keep Customers in the know about ENJO. So when you're on the go, you can use these channels to your advantage – share posts, videos, images and more to get those orders coming in! The best part? You'll get instant gratification with weekly pay direct to the account of your choice.

What is a Demo? How do I book a Demo and order my products?

We’re more than just a ‘party plan’ business model. We create opportunities for both men and women to change their lives and to help others change their lives to live chemical free. Discover how quick and easy our ENJO products are to use with a simple wet, wipe, dry in the luxury of your own home in one hour with expert advice from an ENJOpreneur. Booking a Demo as an ENJOpreneur is super easy, we provide all the necessary training, tools and materials to help you get started. It’s really as simple as starting with your friends, family and neighbours and asking them to host a Demo. By starting with your inner circle you get to make a fabulous change in the lives of people you care about most. ENJO rewards your Host with awesome Host exclusive rewards for allowing you into their home and showing them a quicker and healthier way to clean. Hosts earn bonus rewards and you earn commission on sales, a win-win for all. We make ordering your Business Kit simple and easy. Register your interest online to become an ENJOpreneur and we will introduce you to your local Senior Team Leader who will give you all the information you need to get you on your way to business success. You can also sign up by calling us direct or via your existing ENJOpreneur.

What products are included in the Business Builder Kit?

Business Builder Kit: 2x Bathroom Glove, 2x Bathroom Miracle, 1x Bathroom Mini, 1x Bathroom Sponge, 1x 20cm Indoor Fibre for Window Cleaner, 2x Kitchen Glove, 2x Kitchen Miracle, 1x Kitchen Mini, 1x Kitchen Sponge, 1x Allpurpose Cloth, 1x Window Cleaner Base w Grip, 1x 32cm Extension Pair for Window Cleaner, 1x Channel / Rubber Blade 20cm, 1x Channel / Rubber Blade 32cm, 1x Calcium Dissolver 300ml, 1x Marble Paste 500g, 1x Leather & Wood Balm 240ml, 2x Dust Glove, 1x Fabric Glove, 2x Indoor Miracle, 1x Polishing Cloth, 2x Shine Floor Fibre, 1x Floorcleaner Head, 1x Telescopic Pole (1-1.8m), 2x Matte Floor Fibre, 2x Dust Floor Fibre, 1x Car Glove, 1x Outdoor Miracle, 1x Car Miracle, 1x 32cm Outdoor Fibre for Window Cleaner, 1x Natural Helpers Sampler Collection with Pumps, ENJO Stationery, ENJOpreneur Business Kit Bag, ENJOpreneur Business Kit Bag Satchel, Wet Bag, ENJOpreneur Name Badge, ENJO Table Cloth Black.


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DAY 1-30
We have 24 years' of business knowledge to share with our New Business Owners through innovative training tools and around the clock support.
DAY 31-60
We support you with one on one mentoring, marketing and sales support that will grow your skill set and build your business connections.
day 61-90
It's your business, your way. Tailor your business to suit your lifestyle and take the opportunity to make it work for you!
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