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Redefine your routine…

The natural beauty and health-promoting properties of the sun, sand and surf are just a few reasons why we love the beach! Santé’s large and luxurious beach towel is an excellent beach-day companion. Our microfibre Beach Towel* is light , making it a great fit for any beach bag, fast drying after a refreshing dip in the ocean, and soft on the skin…the perfect surface to lay back and unwind. 

In harmony…

Maintain top-to-toe beach-ready skin with Santé’s Beauty-full bundle, gently cleansing your whole body without the need for chemicals. Make sure you protect your sensitive skin while enjoying the sun, and have no worries, Santé’s fibres work wonders to remove heavy products such as sun lotions for beautifully bright and hydrated skin all year round.

Do good feel good…

Our beautiful beaches are just one of the many natural wonders we’re mindful of when creating our products. All Santé products are sustainable, caring for both your skin and the environment.


*1.5 metre diameter

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03 Mar 2017
Excellent Beach Towel

This is such a soft & luxurious beach towel. Super absorbent too. Love the design it's very on-trend.

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