Bathroom Sponge (2 Pack)

Bathroom Sponge (2 Pack)
This little guy is specifically designed to reach into crevices to remove calcium, lime, mould and soap scum on bathroom grout, shower tiles and tiled areas of the laundry. Also available ($38).

After cleaning with the Bathroom Sponge, dry off with the Bathroom Miracle. Also check out our best selling Bathroom Glove.

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Fantastic Product
Love this product. A great size and works so well.
Review by Janet / (Posted on 18/02/2017)
Great product
Great for cleaning around the bathroom. Also excellent for cleaning tiles and grout.
Review by jillri / (Posted on 31/01/2017)
Absolutely love this scrubber!
Review by Krys / (Posted on 4/01/2017)
Fantastic product
These little guys make short work of soap scum and cleaning the bathroom in general, love them.
Review by Jac Jac / (Posted on 9/12/2016)
Mighty handy and very useful
Love to hang this mighty little piece of enjo in the shower
Easy to work on bothersome grout while showering!!
Great round the back of taps in tricky spots. A great addition to the bathroom armoury!!
Review by Liz / (Posted on 25/09/2016)
Neat and Nifty product.
Excellent for cleaning grout and wiping the other side on bench tops. Neat size and great addition to the bathroom cleaning regime.
Review by PB / (Posted on 31/08/2016)
excellent product
great little tool for cleaning the whole bathroom really well.
Review by debbie / (Posted on 26/07/2016)
Brilliant Product
Great product. Used it for the first time and it works a treat. Easy to handle and gets into the grout.

Also if you have any fluff on clothes the scratchy side can take it off.

Keep up the good work Enjo.
Review by Jo / (Posted on 22/02/2016)
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Additional Information

Additional Information

What's it for? Bathroom grout, shower tiles, tiled laundry areas, basins and baths.
How do I use it? Wet or damp (water only or Calcium Dissolver)
Features and functions Featuring two clever fibres, the Bathroom Sponge gently removes tough dirt.
Clean Side description Reaches deep into crevices to remove calcium, lime, mould and soap scum in wet areas such as showers, basins and baths.
Outdoor Side description A course scouring fibre designed to reach into crevices to remove calcium, lime, soap scum on bathroom grout and shower tiles.
Areas of use Tiles, Grout