Bathroom Handy Set

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We all have those spots in the bathroom, laundry and the toilet where we’d really rather not have to reach into – all those plugholes, tap handles and other hard-to-reach nooks where calcium, soap, lime and bacteria love to grow. Take care of all that with ENJO's clever Bathroom Handy.

Bathroom Handy Set includes:
1x Bathroom Handy
1x Bonus Handy Fibre



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Lisa from Erko

04 Jun 2021
For that unspeakable act

I loath those brushes that stay next to the toilet. They smell. They don't look nice. Argh.
This is a dream which washes well. Why not!

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31 May 2021
Scrubs away old stains

This is a wonderful change from the original toilet cleaner device. I have used it a bit , but will endeavour to really get onto the stain in the toilet bowl. That's what happens when you have 3 males using the toilet and not flushing regularly ( to save water). If its yellow, let it mellow type thinking here.!
May need to empty the cistern first to really get a good "grip" on the stain.
I am sure the calcium dissolver will help .

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24 May 2021
Cleans grout and plug holes

Just used for the first time to clean grot that had accumulated in my sink plug holes and grout in the shower recess over a one year period. Looks new again and was light work. Great little scourer. Wish Enjo made these types of small pads and handles for other areas.

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