Bathroom Handy Set

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We all have those spots in the bathroom, laundry and the toilet where we’d really rather not have to reach into – all those plugholes, tap handles and other hard-to-reach nooks where calcium, soap, lime and bacteria love to grow. Take care of all that with ENJO's clever Bathroom Handy.

Bathroom Handy Set includes:
1x Bathroom Handy
1x Bonus Handy Fibre



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02 Sep 2021
Love it!

What a great product - I love it! Toilets can be so hard to clean effectively. I have been using plant based products but this little beauty does an excellent job easily.

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05 Aug 2021
Terrific product but I would prefer a slightly shorter handle.

Excellent product. Hook on handle (handy!)
However I find the black handle a little too long. The original white handle was shorter and easier to use.

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Loo stick

17 Jul 2021
Great product

Handy little tool for the hard to get into parts around and under loo seat. Having 2 inter changeable fibres is a bonus with a home with more than one loo

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