Bamboo T-Towel

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A quality kitchen must-have, ENJO’s super absorbent Bamboo T-Towel! Once you’ve tried an ENJO T-Towel there’s no turning back, a perfect kitchen companion for all your dish-drying needs, no streaks, no lint. Available in a range of colours and also as a 6 pack.



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02 Nov 2018
Product, once upon a time as a great tea towel but ....

Quality and Design dropped from a 5 star product to a 3 star product.....sadly.

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28 Sep 2018
Great but not as good as previous range.

I love the Enjo tea towels. Last purchased several striped red and white 5 years ago and still using them. They were getting a bit worn and my sister in law in California wanted to try them , after I raved about them to her, so I ordered new ones. HUGE logo which is totally unnecessary and off putting. Also not as thick and absorbent as previous ones. Still better than any others I have tried but please go back to your previous supplier!

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10 Jul 2018
Why Change? Logo Necessary???

I am with the other reviewer, had original yellow stripped T-towels, and they are still going strong, bought the grey and white stripes and then the red and white stripes ones, this are now showing wear signs and have holes in them, so are by far the best rags I have ever owned. I bought the new version in charcoal and whilst they are softer than the previous versions they seem to not to hold quite as much as older style. The new ones with Branding is woeful and it turns my kitchen is not an Enjo, display home. These T-towels speak for themselves as soon as a visitor picks them up. Word of mouth has always been the best way to advertise. I would love to see a dusky pink or even just white colour released. NO Branding! Clean and simple colours would be great. I use to buy these packs for Christmas Presents yearly... but until the colours become better and your logo is ditch I won't be. They also seem larger, was that really needed? Old style got 10 star rating.

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Use On...
Benchtops, dinnerware, cookware, glassware and cutlery.
Beautifully woven with a breathable mix of 70% bamboo 30% cotton fibres, ENJO T-Towels are large, long lasting and highly absorbent.
Disposable paper towel and drying cloths.