Bamboo T-Towel

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A quality kitchen must-have, ENJO’s super absorbent Bamboo T-Towel! Once you’ve tried an ENJO T-Towel there’s no turning back, a perfect kitchen companion for all your dish-drying needs, no streaks, no lint. Available in a range of colours and also as a 6 pack.
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21 Nov 2016
Tea Towels

Love the colour and design of the new tea towels


29 Nov 2016
Surprisingly great

This towel is soft and thick and does a great job on dishes and glasses and everything in between. We hand wash everything at our place and this towel will cope with a big pile of dishes.
It is also quite a smart looking design in the kitchen.
I generally only use linen tea towels but this one is proving bamboo is just as good. I have had other bamboo towels that just were a little too hard, but the trick her is wash no hotter than 40 degrees and NO ironing. Just let mother nature give them a hearty blow dry on the line.
Well done enjo !

Penny pincher

03 Oct 2017
4 years and still going strong

I will never buy a different tea towel. I bought 4 of these over 4 years ago and they have outlasted all other tea towels bought since. After trying these I thought I would try other bamboo tea towels that were cheaper........none even get close to the enjo ones. Most end up in holes and shrinking. My enjo tea towels put up with everything I throw at them. I am a tea towel sanitizer - every one (once dirty) goes into a bucket of laundry soaker because I like to have clean fresh smelling tea towels, they sometimes go in to clothes dryer, they hang on the line, they get washed hot and they get washed cold. My tea towels have had every treatment you can throw at a piece of washing and they have coped with all of it. They haven't torn or gone to holes and they haven't shrunk. The only difference from the day I bought them (4years ago) is the color has faded which I believe is probably my soaking habit. They were charcoal stripes now more faded pink/red stripes. They are large, absorbent, leave a streak free finish on all surfaces and glass and are still my first choice out of my tea towel drawer so have probably had twice the use of all the other inferior ones in the drawer. I am just about to order some more so I can throw all my'non enjo' ones away. If you are put off by the price don't be - you will have them for years and years. I am a penny pincher which is why I have been looking for a cheaper equivalent but believe me it's not out there. These are THE BEST tea towel you will ever own ....for years!!

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USE TO... Dry.
Use On... Benchtops, dinnerware, cookware, glassware and cutlery.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS Beautifully woven with a breathable mix of 70% bamboo 30% cotton fibres, ENJO T-Towels are large, long lasting and highly absorbent.
REPLACES Disposable paper towel and drying cloths.