Bamboo T-Towel

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A quality kitchen must-have, ENJO’s super absorbent Bamboo T-Towel! Once you’ve tried an ENJO T-Towel there’s no turning back, a perfect kitchen companion for all your dish-drying needs, no streaks, no lint. Available in a range of colours and also as a 6 pack.
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Penny Pincher 2

08 Nov 2017
Don't Hesitate to Try These!

Agree with "Penny P" I cannot find a cheaper product that matches the performance of these. Whilst I have handled mine far more cautiously and have been using them for under a year, I am totally smitten and no longer have the patience to be frustrated by others that just don't dry..

My only misgiving is the current style is way too branded and I prefer the brighter earlier version. HOWEVER even that is apparently not going to stop me stocking up for Xmas 2017 gifts and for myself!

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01 Oct 2017
great t towels

i love these, however im an owner of the original yellow stripe bamboo t towel that was 100% bamboo and even tho it shrank up to a very small equivalent of itself i can honestly say it was and still is the best. i still reach for that over all the others as its soooo absorbant and amazing! i can dry a whole sink load of dishes and its still not sopping wet! i then purchased the 2nd round of t towels (grey stripe with little bit less bamboo) and these are great too....the recent years however they are just not the same! why why why have these chamged?? i raved about these and so many friends bought them and cant understand why i loved them! its because they are not nearly the same as the original 2 releases....they are good but not brilliant! such a shame.

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29 Apr 2017
Fantastic product but new look is ugly

Bring back the stripes please!

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Use On...
Benchtops, dinnerware, cookware, glassware and cutlery.
Beautifully woven with a breathable mix of 70% bamboo 30% cotton fibres, ENJO T-Towels are large, long lasting and highly absorbent.
Disposable paper towel and drying cloths.