Bamboo T-Towel (6)

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Here to compliment your wonderful kitchen are these super absorbent Bamboo T-Towels. Perfect for any kitchen to accomplish all your cleaning tasks including drying the dishes, cutlery, glassware and much more.



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28 Jun 2018
I love these

I've bought Enjo's bamboo t-towels since they starting selling them and that's the only brand I will use. They are the best. Even the older ones that have become thicker and not great for dishes I use for all kind of other situations, they still dry amazingly well, it's more they are took thick to do dishes. The only issue I have is the Enjo logo or wording. I prefer just colour as I hang it on my oven and want simplicity. I love the mint colour.

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06 Nov 2017
Ditch the logo

I have always loved these tea towels. What really detracts is the fact that you print the logo on the tea towel. The quality speaks for itself and there is no need to ruin the look with that GIANT logo.

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15 Oct 2017
Less advertising more decoration

I would like it better if it didn't have a great big ENJO printed on it!

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Use On...
Benchtops, dinnerware, cookware, glassware and cutlery.
Beautifully woven with a breathable mix of 70% bamboo 30% cotton fibres, ENJO T-Towels are large, long lasting and highly absorbent.
Disposable paper towel and drying cloths.