Bamboo T-Towel (6)

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Here to compliment your wonderful kitchen are these super absorbent Bamboo T-Towels. Perfect for any kitchen to accomplish all your cleaning tasks including drying the dishes, cutlery, glassware and much more.



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16 Nov 2018
No logo and new colours please

Hi team, The product is great, lovely feel and super effective in the kitchen...but I like to change up the colours in my kitchen and want some more choice (and don’t want any more with logo)...any chance you can bring back the red and white stripe? They were my favourite. Plain red would be great.

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01 Nov 2018
NO LOGO ENJO - looks like you don't believe in your own GREAT product anymore and are insecure!

Agree with the other reviews, I have 2 sets of 6, WITHOUT the logo. If a product is really GOOD you don't need to SHOUT, it sells itself. Ditch the LOGO. Beautiful tea towels that are this GOOD don't need an ugly TAG

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08 Oct 2018
Remove the logo

I've returned to the online store to buy more of my awesome t-towels to find you have a gigantic logo across them now. What a huge shame - please get rid of and I'll then buy a stack but until then I'm off to find something else.

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Use On...
Benchtops, dinnerware, cookware, glassware and cutlery.
Beautifully woven with a breathable mix of 70% bamboo 30% cotton fibres, ENJO T-Towels are large, long lasting and highly absorbent.
Disposable paper towel and drying cloths.