Bamboo Face Towel

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Dry your glowing skin with luxury fibres only with our super absorbent, super soft Bamboo Face Towel.

Now you have me, you no longer need
- cotton + linen face towels

Our skin-loving bamboo fibres are super delicate, please treat with care.

Wash | weekly

Available in Lilac, Blush + Midnight.



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07 Feb 2021
A bit more

The face towel is lovely and soft but personally I'd like it to be more rectangular like of the size of a small hand towel.

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Aunty D

15 Jan 2021
Very soft but it's not my favorite Sante product

I've only recently purchased this product. It is very soft and while I really like the Sante make up removers, having now tried the Sante face towel I must admit my preference for drying my face is still with a cotton face towel.

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31 Aug 2020

I wouldn't call it a towel, more like a face washer size, however it's lovely and soft.

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